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TV Review: Legends of Tomorrow S4 E13 & 14

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  • TV Review: Legends of Tomorrow S4 E13 & 14

    We came out of the last episode I reviewed with Neron having taken over the body of Ray Palmer and things have kept getting more interesting in the episodes: Egg MacGuffin and Nip / Suck. Besides being a great title, Egg MacGuffin is an homage to the Indiana Jones films and puts Zari and Nate on a mission / date where they finally get past all the pretense and kiss. Mick and Charlie go to a romance con where Charlie poses as the writer of Mick’s books, but she is revealed to be a fake and Mick has to come out as the actual author… and it goes well. Sara and Ava have book club night and John heads off to find a way to get Nora out of her coma. Oh… and Ray is trying to figure out how to get Neron out of him and ends up getting help from Gary… which goes very badly. The episode ends with Nate and Zari getting a dinosaur egg, Neron fully taking over Ray who agreed to it to save Nate, Constantine awaking Nora but then being knocked out by Neron who convinces Gary to help him by returning his lost nipple… which had been in hell.

    The second episode has Neron taking Constantine into the past to where John’s ancestor is going to open a portal to hell. Neron wants him to stabilize the portal so he can bring ‘Tabitha” through, this way she wouldn’t need a host body. Neron also traps the Waverider on an avalanche in the Donner Pass during the ice age and has Gary take over the Time Bureau with his now possessed nipple… words I never thought I’d have to type. While trapped, Sara and Mick have a falling out, Nate and Zari hook up while they try to keep the egg warm. Mona and Nora try to stop Gary… and we find out his nipple has a hypnotic eye… but he doesn’t know about Mona’s wolf-side. Mona ends up biting the nipple off, breaking the hypnosis. Constantine solidifies the portal to save a magic creature, but this allows Tabitha to come through who turns out to be the Fairy God Mother from earlier in the season.

    Neron takes off with Tabitha, goes to the Time Bureau and takes Nora, leaving Gary behind to suffer his fate. Constantine on the other hand decides to leap into the portal of hell to find Ray’s soul. And we see that next week Neron uses Ray’s body to create a phone app that is incredibly popular, but the terms-of-service contract includes a clause that anyone who agrees gives away the mortal soul. You know, like the one Apple has now. Unlike with the Flash and Arrow, there are two episodes of the season left.

    This has been a very interesting season. There has been a lot less focus on action and more on the characters, but Neron working subtly in the background has been a nice touch. But it also feels like some of the relationships are a bit forced (Zari and Nate) while other characters have been neglected (Mick and Charlie). Constantine has been a great addition to the series, but it feels like he and the Sara / Ava relationship have taken center stage a bit too much.

    With the show already renewed for a fifth season, it will be interesting to see if they set it up in the finale like they did the last few years. Will it be another magic vs science season, or will it end up in space? I really wanted them to do the Rann-Thanagarian war after season one, but the tone of the show has changed so much I can’t see them doing it now. The one thing about Legends of Tomorrow, you can’t really guess what they’re going to do next.