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TV Review: Supergirl S4 E19 & 20

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  • TV Review: Supergirl S4 E19 & 20

    Catching up and Supergirl yesterday had me watching the episodes American Dreamer and Will the Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up. I have talked previously about how this series is the least subtle of the Arrowverse shows at dealing with real world issues. But itís also the show best suited to tackle the immigration debate going on in the United States right now. The series has full leaned into the premise using Agent of Liberty / Ben Lockwood as the face of those that want to stop an immigration, in his case he wants to get rid of all aliens. The character of Dreamer is being used, to show the other side, in this case with a half-alien/half-human transgender hero. Even the characters name, though first created in 1964, her name ties perfectly to the children who were illegally brought to the US by their parents and are being called ĎDreamersí. The allegories are strong with this seasonÖ

    The first of the two episodes showed Dreamer taking to the streets to fill in for Supergirl, as Kara has decided to put the cape away and focus on exposing Lex Luthor and clearing her name. The President has declared martial law after Red Daughter posing as Supergirl, attacked the White House. Lockwood is given free rein to hunt aliens and even use the DEO, and with the General off trying to get congress to revoke Lockwoodís authority and Alex focusing on helping JamesÖ that leaves only Brainy to try and block what Lockwood is doing. Meanwhile James is still having bouts of PTSD from Lexís attack and with him now having superpowers, it has become very dangerous. Lena is trying to cure him, but Brainy decides to go into his mind and try to find the trigger, which turns out wasnít Lex at all, but an incident in his childhood where bullies locked him in a coffin just before his fatherís funeral. This is also a sore spot between James and his sister Kelly. She was 8 years old and basically alone at the funeral, waiting for James to come back things better. Kelly has to go in and help him confront the situation and he gets past his issues.

    The big moment of the episode has Kara interview Dreamer on live television in hopes of giving a face to the alien plight. This infuriates Lockwood who takes a team to Catco and tries to arrest her. But between Dreamer, Kara and the later arrivals of Brainy and James, they are able to stop Lockwood. He later finds his wifeís body, who was killed by an alien whose husband Lockwood and his men arrested earlier. This becomes a huge driving force for Lockwood, but it also causes a divide between him and his son who no longer believes in what his dad is doing.

    Through that episode, Alex was trying to help James and Kelly. With the second episode it flips as Alex gets a call from the adoption agency and has 12 hours to decide if she wants a baby that is becoming available and itís Kelly who is there for her. They appear to be building a relationship between these two slowly and the scenes between them are some of the best in the episode. Lena and Kara team up and track Lexís activities to Kasnia where they find out about Red Daughter and where she was raised and indoctrinated. They also discover a copy of Miss Tessmacher, but they get the evidence that not only is Lex behind the attack on the White House, but he plans on using Red Daughter to invade the US and he is working in conjunction with the Secretary of State. When she takes the information to the President, she is abducted, and we see that he has been in it with Lex all along.

    Lockwood, angry and now in possession of Lenaís experimental serum that gave James superpowers ends up taking it as he confronts Dreamer, James and Brainy. But itís the arrival of Martian Manhunter that eventually stops him. But this seems just to make him even angrier and we end with him holding more of the serum after having been told off by his own son. As we head into the last two episodes of the season, we know Lex is planning an invasion and is colluding with the president and has Red Daughter as his best weapon. Lockwood is super now and past the point of reason and things arenít getting better for the heroes. This has definitely been a slow building season that looks to end with a big bang.