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TV Review: Supergirl S4 E21 "Red Dawn"

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  • TV Review: Supergirl S4 E21 "Red Dawn"

    Last night we had the penultimate episode of the season and we got far more answers than I think anyone expected. There were a lot of things happening in this episode and it is easier to group them. Kara was taken by the Secret Service but escaped them only to be captured by Red Daughter who uses Kryptonite. But Kara has been dealing with it longer and she is able to break free while Red Daughter is weakened. As Supergirl she goes to Alex to help locate her clone, but Alex is already starting to have memory flashes of Kara as a kid using her powers. Haley returns and finds Supergirl at the DEO but joins in instead of getting angry. They locate where Red Daughter has been living and Supergirl discovers that it’s set up very much like Kara’s apartment, something Alex also recognizes. Meanwhile Red Daughter has gone to visit Eliza. Supergirl arrives and the two Girls of Steel fight it out, eventually showing that Red Daughter has an extra power… some kind of purple electrical charge… and she knocks Supergirl into one of the most jarring time shifts where it’s daytime when she’s punched and night when she lands. Red Daughter keeps pounding until Supergirl’s heart stops… she then flies off. Alex arrives, her memories all return and as she kneels over Kara’s body, she tells her to pull the sunlight from the grass… which somehow she does and it revives her.

    Lena buys the prison her mom is in and poisons her, forcing Lillian to agree to figure out how to extract the Hyrunel from someone. Lena then decides to confront Lockwood, who really didn’t know that Lex was behind everything and had the President in his pocket. Lockwood charges off to confront Otis and Lena and James follow. Otis is rather forthcoming about everything, but that’s because he plans to kill Lockwood. James tries to stop the fight, but the Hyrunel cause him pain and Lockwood rips the kryptonite heart out of Otis, killing him. Lena gets James back to the lab, but James wants to keep his powers, so Lillian gives him another dose which stabilizes him.

    The final group here are Brainiac 5, Dreamer and Martian Manhunter who track down the location of the aliens that Lockwood’s men have been rounding up. While J’onn scouts the building, Dreamer and Brainy try to bluff their way in and end up being captured. J’onn discovers that the aliens are being sent through a portal. Brainy is tortured and it triggers his connection with his ancestors… which includes all the previous Brainiacs, and his entire personality shifts from being in love with Dreamer to cold and calculating. He frees himself, shows he can free Dreamer but decides not to and incapacitates J’onn so he will be captured, all so they’ll go through the portal and Dreamer can astral project to him their whereabouts. We leave them with J’onn and Dreamer heading to the portal and Brainy watching on.

    The real surprise came at the end when we see the Kasnian invasion, which we don’t get to see at all. What we get to see is the aftermath and Lex in his armor carrying the dead body of Red Daughter. We see this through a broadcast from the President claiming Lex protected the country and killed Supergirl. Maybe we’ll see a bit more of it in the finale and find out if killing Red Daughter was always his plan or if she turned on him after seeing Alex and Kara.

    The season finale is all about Lex and looks to be action-packed. But will it end the Lex storyline or set him up as the villain for season five as well? The reaction to John Cryer’s Lex has been very positive, I could see the producers wanting to keep him around. Also, we’ll have to see what fall out comes from Brainiac’s personality change. Is this temporary or are we looking at him becoming a villain like his ancestors? It should be a good hour of television.