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TV Review: Legends of Tomorrow S4 E15 - Terms of Service

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  • TV Review: Legends of Tomorrow S4 E15 - Terms of Service

    Last night we had the penultimate episode of Legends of Tomorrow, called Terms of Service, and it is pretty much the bulk of Neronís plan. He uses the body of Ray Palmer to create a phone app called eyes that he pitches as being a connection directly to him. He tells the world there are magical creatures out there and he created a battle suit that allows him to fight them. The trick is that the terms of service includes the user giving Neron their soul. I believe that is also in the Apple terms of service, but who has really read that to find out? While he only gets an initial 2,000 downloads of the app after the announcement, he plans on releasing the monsters the Time Bureau has to attack Washington and get everyone scared enough to get the app. Crazy, but a decent plan.

    Mona is in the Bureauís custody, but the rest of the team prepares to take the Bureau back while Nora is on the inside laying low. The problem is, that as the team is about to attack, it turns out Neron gave Tabitha (the Fairy Godmother) to Gary Green and he decides he wants to do book club, so Sara, Ava and NoraÖ have you noticed how many of the characterís names here end with the letter ďaĒ?... end up in his office and forced to speed read through a book so they can talk to him about it. The rest of the team changes plans and goes to Ray/Neronís announcement and Zari brings along the dragon egg. Once Tabitha convinces Gary that the team really doesnít want to do book club with him, he decides to take them onto the Waverider where he is Captain. He then has Nate and Mick pulled on board as well, leaving Zari and Charlie alone. Mona is shot by Neron to prove there are monsters, then security goes after Charlie and Zari who run off and hide at Zariís childhood home.

    Nora is not put on board the Waverider with the others as Tabitha feels kindred to her being a fellow witch and that she had nothing to do with Tabitha going to hell. Except this is all part of Neronís plan as well as the whole is to get Nora to accept Tabithaís power to save Mona. The problem is with the power she gets the curse that she has to serve Gary. Charlie and Zari figure out Neronís plan to use the monsters and head back to the Bureau to set the free, forgetting about the dragon egg at her old home. While all this is going on, Constantine is in hell, looking to talk to the Triumvirate about a deal that he would stop Neron from trying to take over in exchange for Rayís soul. They off him either Rayís soul or Astridís and John takes AstridÖ except she doesnít want to go as she is now grown and very different. And she turns John over to one of the folks he sent to hell.

    The team finally convinces Gary that heís one of them and he summons his fairy godmother, now Nora, and sends her to help Constantine in hell. Where he fatherís soul is too. This could be fun. Charlie and Zari are able to get all the monsters out of the Bureau and on to the Waverider, except Charlie gets caught and now Neron plans to use her shape-changing ability as part of the attack on Washington. Like most of the Legends episodes, the team tries to do something good but end up having zero positive affect other than saving themselves. Oh, and the episode ends with young Zari looking at the dragon egg as it hatches.

    Next weekís season finale seems to have Nate deciding the answer to stopping Neron is to convince the world that magical creatures are good by opening up the amusement park that his father started building. And luckily, they have a ship full of magical creatures now. That may be the most Legends plan Iíve ever heard. Nora being sent to help Constantine may mean the return of Damien Darhk as heís been mentioned a couple times this season. The show has a high bar to live up to after last seasons Beebo Vs Mallus finale.