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TV Review: ARROW S7 E22 "You Have Saved This City"

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  • TV Review: ARROW S7 E22 "You Have Saved This City"

    The last full season of Arrow concluded in a very odd way and there are now some big questions on just want the truncated season eight will consist of going into the big Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover planned for December. The episode, called You Have Saved This City, picks up immediately following last week’s battle with Emiko. The team is wanted by the police as they think it was Team Arrow that attacked the police station and the only officer, Sergeant Bingsley, that can clear them is unconscious. Emiko still has the virus and plans to use it, but the Ninth Circle is starting to question her priorities. Felicity thinks the team could use some back-up, so she calls in Curtis Holt and Laurel Lance (back from Earth 2).

    There is a bomb scare forced to evacuate a building, causing a large group of people making a perfect target for Emiko. The team races there but are confronted by the police who they have to take down. When the crowd stands up to stop them, Ben Turner aka Bronze Tiger pops up to help. The team is able to stop the drones with only a few innocents getting hurt. But the city blames Team Arrow for the attack. Felicity tracks Emiko to Palmer Tech, formerly Queen Consolidated, where she has the rest of the bombs. Oliver, Diggle and Turner are first to arrive. Oliver goes after Emiko while Diggle and Turner go after the remote bombs. When the Ninth Circle attacks in force, Dinah, Laurel, Roy, Renee and the SCPD arrive to help… seems Bingsley woke up and explained everything. They’re able to take out the remote bombs, leaving Emiko with just one. Oliver confronts her and tries to convince her to stop the cycle of violence. He seems to be reaching her when a high up from the Ninth Circle arrives and tells Emiko she is no longer in charge and tries to kill her. Emiko and Oliver fight together against the Ninth Circle, but Emiko is killed, and Oliver just escapes as the last bomb goes off.

    In the future flashes, turns out Conner is one of the guards attacking the Canaries, and he turns on them which allows the good guys to win. The figure out they can take out Archer by loading a virus through a backdoor Felicity left in the system. But it’s Maya, William, Zoe and Conner that must go. The virus works but the system starts to reboot itself. Renee remembers there are explosives in all the towers that can be triggered from one. Maya goes up, fights her way in then William hacks the system to set off the bombs, blowing up Archer and destroying the wall around the Glades. The older heroes are going to take the blame and become fugitives, leaving the younger ones to help Star City rebuild. Felicity says goodbye to Maya and William, telling them she has a journey of her own to go on. We end up with basically a new Green Arrow (Maya), Overwatch (William), Spartan (Conner) and Black Canary (Zoe).

    This all dovetails back in modern time with the team meeting and the back-up heading off. Then Oliver and Felicity tell the rest of the team that they are stepping back and leaving town, but don’t tell them about the baby. Diggle takes them to a safe house in an area used by ARGUS and other agencies to hide their agents. We speed through a few months at the house, see the birth of Maya and Oliver spending time with her. Then, as their discussing getting joint custody of William, the Monitor shows up and tells Oliver it’s time. He also tells them that Oliver will not survive the coming crisis but will save many lives. Felicity and Oliver say their tearful goodbyes and he goes with the Monitor. We then cut back to Felicity meeting the Monitor in the future and going through a portal with him, saying she’s been waiting for this for a long time.

    We know this was the end for Felicity as Emily Bett Rickards has left the series to do a play, but she may return for the series finale. Which leads to a huge number of questions on just what season eight is going to look like. The team is sort of disbanded and Oliver has already joined with the Monitor. Will there be stories of the rest of the team? Will the whole season be about the future group? Or is this going to be Oliver and the Monitor doing things? Maybe the monitor has certain tasks for Oliver to do building up to the Crisis? That could work. And maybe he will team him with people from other Earths… like maybe the John Diggle that has a power ring we were teased of in the last crossover. I was really surprised the season ended with Oliver leaving with the Monitor, besides the questions it leaves, it also gives a rather cosmic ending to a very grounded series. I can’t wait for Comicon to get some information about the final season.