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TV Review: THE FLASH S5 E22 - 'Legacy'

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  • TV Review: THE FLASH S5 E22 - 'Legacy'

    The Arrowverse shows seem to be ramping up the emotions for this year/s season finales. We got Stephen Amell crying on Monday night and Grant Gustin crying on Tuesday as both shows focused on legacy and goodbyes. We left off last week with the Flash using the mirror gun to blast Cicada’s dagger to try and destroy it and a cut to the future to see the dagger pressed against Thawne’s chest as he’s about to be executed. I mistakenly thought the dagger was there to help him escape, but it turns our that the dagger was what kept his powers in check and forced him to be a prisoner for fifteen years. Luckily Ralph figured it out and dove in front of the blast, which screwed him up pretty good, but kept the dagger from being destroyed. Then Cicada grabbed it and took off.

    The team regroups and tries to help Ralph while figuring out why he got in the way. Sherloque is able to put the pieces together and Barry finds a shard of wood at the attack that Cisco is able to track back to where Cicada is hiding with her younger self. They pinpoint her specifically using Cecile and then port Cicada into a containment field at STAR Labs while Nora goes into Grace’s mind and convinces her to take the cure. Cicada breaks free and gets back just after the cure is taken, but the dagger keeps the cure from working. Barry ends up using the mirror gun to get rid of the dagger after all, which allows the cure to work on Grace and erases the future version of Cicada.

    This also makes the dagger fade just in time to save Thawne from execution. He breaks free and kills all the guards, then time reverses giving Flash and XS the time to remove the guards and face Thawne instead. They race through the city and we see that Thawne still has a better control over his powers than Barry or Nora, but the rest of the team arrives and while they slow him down, the don’t capture him as we see time shifting and Nora starting to fade away. Her only chance is to go into the negative speedforce but she refuses. She doesn’t want to be corrupted by it and wants to accept responsibility for what she’s done. Barry, Iris and Nora hug until she fades away completely.

    Back in the modern day, the team is reeling from the loss. Sherloque says his goodbyes and heads back to his Earth. Captain Singh calls Joe, Cecile and Barry to his office where he announces he is being promoted to Chief of Police and is appointing Joe as new Captain. He also admits to knowing that Barry is the Flash… he is a detective after all. Ralph goes back to his office and picks up a case marked Dearborn, the maiden name of his comic wife Sue Dibny. Then one of the big moments, Cisco who earlier old his girlfriend about being Vibe, decides he doesn’t want that to be his legacy. He has Caitlin give him the metahuman cure, giving up his powers forever. Barry and Iris find a goodbye video from Nora and after they leave the time vault, Gideon lights up and shows the Flash disappearance on the newspaper has moved up to December 2019.

    There are some interesting time issues with this episode. For instance, if the dagger kept Thawne prisoner for 15 years, and then Flash destroyed the dagger, shouldn’t Thawne have never been a prisoner? Why would the dagger disappear just before he’s executed? I’m not sure why Cisco gave up his powers. I know it completed a story arc, but it’s one that doesn’t make a lot of sense. He could’ve gone on and done other things without using his powers. Before Thawne runs off, he tells Barry, “See you next crisis.” I’m starting to get the feeling we won’t be getting normal seasons from any of the Arrowverse shows next year.