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TV Review: Agents of SHIELD S6 E1 - "Missing Pieces"

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  • TV Review: Agents of SHIELD S6 E1 - "Missing Pieces"

    After a very long time away, the Agents of SHIELD returned to ABC on Friday with a season premiere that was entertaining and a bit jarring. Last seasons finale ended with May and Coulson on a beach, spending time together before he died while the rest of the team headed off into space to try and find the cryogenically sleeping Fitz. This episode starts with a strange looking guy coming through a cement wall on a playground while his friend isn’t able to come through and dies in the process… or so it seems. We then see May and a SHIELD team arrive to try and stop the guy (named Jaco) but he is able to shoot the quinjet out of the sky with his rifle, causing it to land and Jaco getting away. We cut back to SHIELD headquarters where Mac is running things as the director and we learn that these events have been happening and may involve lay lines. We also find out that Yo-Yo and Mac are no longer together, and she has a new boyfriend named Keller. Mac has tasked May in finding someone to head up the new SHIELD Academy.

    Meanwhile in Space on the Zephyr we have Davis, Piper, Quake and Simmons still trying to find Fitz, but we learn early on that things have changed and the ship he and Enoch were on got split in half and their trying to find the chamber. Daisy has been building up a reputation as Quake, causing people to fear her. Which works well with the scavengers they go after who ends up having the other half of the ship and the empty cryo-chamber but it’s a bad thing when the Confederacy sends a destroyer after them. The team is exhausted, and their last lead is gone. Daisy, Piper and Davis want to go home and regroup. But Simmons won’t give up. She figures Fitz would go to the planet where the chamber was made to try and get refrozen, so against everyone’s wishes, she puts in those coordinates when they are forced to jump away from the destroyer.

    Back on Earth, May and Mac have recruited Dr. Benson to work with the team and create the new Academy. He checks out the guy in the wall, who wakes long enough to say a few things, then dies. He has a device on him that gives the time and coordinates of the next breech. The team races there and we see Jaco with two others who came through in the episode, Trok and Butterfly, and are trying to blow up part of a museum to let Sarge come through. Butterfly tries to distract the SHIELD agents long enough for the explosion to go off, then a Mad Max style semi blasts through and we see Sarge for the first time and he is a ringer for Coulson. Sarge shoots an agent holding Butterfly and then the get in the truck and leave. The episode ends with a jump to the place in space Simmons is taking the Zephyr and we see fits working on something in a pretty nasty looking workshop.

    The reveal of Sarge would’ve played well had it not been show in the trailers for the episode. It could’ve been a great moment, but everyone knew it was coming. Also, I think they could’ve left the Fitz mystery go a little longer, fear that he may not be alive… but they show that pretty quickly. I get they only have 13 episodes this season, but they should save something. Those complaints, and the fact that the ‘visitors’ look like cyberpunk / Mad Max rejects, aside… I like the episode as it sets up what could be another interesting season. The more the show embraces its genre roots, the better it is. One of the most interesting things is actually in next weeks trailer as Jaco asks Sarge about the name Coulson, and while he’s not sure what it means, it seems familiar to him. This tells me that it’s not just going to be a villain wearing a friendly face, but they may try to go for trying to bring back a Coulson fans love.