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TV Review: Supergirl S4 E22 "The Quest for Peace"

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  • TV Review: Supergirl S4 E22 "The Quest for Peace"

    In using the title ‘The Quest for Peace’ for the season finale of Supergirl season four, the creative team behind the series made a nice connection to the time that Jon Cryer, who now plays Lex Luthor, played Lex’s nephew Lenny back in 1987. They also tied it to possibly the worst of the Christopher Reeves Superman films. Luckily the episode was not as bad as the film.

    The episode opens with Lex in his battlesuit stopping the Kasnian invasion before turning on Red Daughter, stuffing her into an energy cell and telling her that she is naïve, and he can’t believe she didn’t just Google him and see how much he hates Kryptonians. Which isn’t really fair as she was only a year old, raised in isolation and could possibly not know what Google is. Lex and Eve discover that Otis is dead, so he decides to pin frame Otis for all his crimes and the President pardon’s Lex. To clean up any traces, Lex sends the copies of Eve after Lockwood, but he’s pumped up on Harun-El and takes out the copies.

    To help Kara try to take down Lex, Brainy restores all the data that Lex had wiped off of the Catco servers and then Brainy mentions that Dreamer and J’onn have been captured and will try to contact them through astral project. Except their being put to work on harvesting alien energy on the island with all the power dampeners. Lex tells the world he is using that energy for the world… but it turns out he’s channeling it all into a bigger Claymore satellite and plans on firing at Argo City where the depowered Superman is currently residing. He tells all this to his sister and mother while their having tea in the Oval Office. Eve pulls Lex aside to try and get him to focus on their bigger plan, but he tells her that killing Superman has always been his plan and that she is just a lacky to him.

    Kara releases her story to the world. Nia and J’onn get help from the other aliens to cause a diversion, turn off the dampeners and astral project to Brainy where they are. Alex, James, Kara and Brainy go to help. Alex and James have to square off against a Harun-El pumped Lockwood and his men. Brainy goes to help Nia and J’onn who are trying to stop the Claymore from firing and Supergirl ends up going toe-to-toe with Lex in his battlesuit. Nia takes a shot at Brainy for the way he’s been acting. He explains they can’t stop the weapon from firing, so J’onn and Nia decide to overload it which hurts them greatly, this cause Brainy to reboot and go back to being his old self… and confess his love for Dreamer.

    Red Daughter gets free and helps Supergirl turn the tables on Lex and defeat him. Alex and James get the Harun-El out of Lockwood but Lockwood gets it out of James at the same time. Nia and J’onn overload the weapon and all of Lex’s plans fall apart. Through the release of the story, the President is arrested and Lex heads back to his secret lair only to discover Lena there who shoots him dead… but only after he reveals that Lena has been lied to and her friend Kara is really Supergirl.

    The episode ends with Nia and Brainy together, Alex kissing Kelly and Lena showing up to game night like nothing is wrong. And we see Eve, in a dark wig, trying to get away when an old woman sits next to her and we learn that Eve is working for something else and we’re told Leviathan is coming. Then we see the Monitor show up, releasing a green Martian on Earth who wants revenge on J’onn… and then he shows up where Lex’s corpse is and starts doing some kind of power thing and cut. Meaning we may not be done with Lex Luthor as he may have a role to play in next seasons Crisis on Infinite Earths.

    It was a very busy episode trying to tie up a lot of loose ends on a season that was overall kind of messy. And while I don’t think it was a great episode, I think it did a good job of resolving a lot of things while setting up a couple things for next season. Cryer did a good job as Lex and pulled up what was looking to be a less than stellar season. The character connected a lot of dots that didn’t seem to connect. I expect the show will get a little more profile next year as it will be the lead in for the new Batwoman series.