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  • The Outcast thread

    A discussion spot for issues 22-27.

    I admit that the issue with Scowl and Moonbeam seemed like a throwaway at the time, but seeing as those characters appear in the first part of this story (#22) then evidently there was a method to that madness.

    Anyone think "Moonbeam" has a future as a cast member? Or is he a Star Trek redshirt?

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    I vote for future cast member. What little we've seen is interesting and has great possibilities, including a different view on things as he is not part of or concern for the 'legend'.
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      As long as they don't keep calling him "Moonbeam"... yeeesh. OK for a character from Dogpatch, USA (Moonbeam McSwine) but not much else.
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        Originally posted by Ghornet2 View Post
        I vote for future cast member. What little we've seen is interesting and has great possibilities, including a different view on things as he is not part of or concern for the 'legend'.
        I read the issue again because I was about to get into #23 and wanted the set up to be clear in my mind. "Moonbeam" (Ugh...agreed on that name) gives off Jason Todd kind of vibe, I find. He may turn out to be a super-clever kid (14?? I missed that earlier...) but with a bit of a dark side that needs to be kept in check. Done well, he could be an interesting addition to the Hornet family.

        I was a little suprised to not see him in #23 though. Overall I was pretty pleased with the story and liked the action part of it did not actually have a direct connection with the Outcast storyline, if you know what I mean. The only part I found a little weak is that the armour used did not actually provide that much protection, really. Jr was able to knock the lower leg off one with a couple of kicks? Don't know about that...

        Still like seeing that the newspaper industry continues to be a story element rather than just an easy to explain how the Hornet is funded.


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          I think we will see Moonbeam (hopefully with a better name) in the future. I can see him coming back to get even with Scowl's killers and being faced with a vigilante vs. justice dilemma. I was surprised we didnt see Scowl and Moonbeam return in the last arc. Maybe Parks is setting us up for something.

          Issue #22 was one of the best issues in this title. I really think this arc is going to be exciting. I really like the way he starts a storyline or character, leaves it alone and then comes back to it. In Ande we trust!!


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            Remaining spoiler-free for the moment.

            #24 is apparently part two of Outcast. #23 did advance the story somewhat, but #24 is specified as part two (of 6) inside, unless that's an error. It pretty well has to be since it's still scheduled to conclude in #27.

            Igor is back on art for this one. And Chritton gets a whole other look again. You can't recognize this guy from issue to issue! And apparently Edward James Olmos has joined this cast too!

            This one does a good job of building up our antagonists as a legit threat.

            I do find the whole thing intriguing. The fake Hornet is ultimately painting the Hornet as a cold killer. But that's part of the Hornet mystique anyway. I totally understand that junior wants to prevent people from being killed or hurt, but I don't know that he should be so concerned about the Hornet's image. That I can recall, he had no intention of making the Hornet look "legit", or has something slipped my mind?
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              From the looks of the solicits for the last couple of months, it seems like Vittorino and Ronan Cliquet are now pretty much both "regular" artists on this book, alternating every couple of issues.

              But you're wrong, Captain (or should that be Johnny, now that you've changed your avatar?), the Hornet has never been perceived by the police as a stone killer, much less a political assassin. In fact, while he's been under suspicion because of his involvement in several criminal operations, I don't believe the police have any real solid evidence against him with which to prosecute. They can probably easily charge him with several misdemeanors and assault and battery, breaking and entering, and driving to endanger, but as far as major crimes go, he's a big question mark. No, I'd say the police are pretty sure that he's guilty of some major crimes, but aren't sure exactly what. Regardless, I'm sure they'd like to bring him in for questioning. The crooks of Century City are probably even more convinced of his reputation as a badass criminal, even lacking any solid evidence, because the criminal mindset would interpret his meddling with other criminal operations as merely angling for some personal gain, cutting himself in on the profits, or controlling the territory.

              But there's a big difference between "going legit" and being hunted down by the police like a mad dog killer.

              The "fake Hornet" storyline has been done on radio, on the TV series, and in the Now Comics run. It's a natural plotline that goes with the "pretending to be a criminal" setup that is part of the Hornet's gig, but it's starting to get a little old now.
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                To be clear, when I said going "legit", I meant appearing to be totally clean. I don't think Jr ever made the decision to go that route.

                So then he DOES intend to appear as a criminal. Well...somebody made that easier.

                But I get what you're saying. To this point, if he were caught, he would probably be brought in for questioning. Now, it would be for mass murder. Large gap there. Though I seem to recall that the Black Hornet was causing people to assume Green Hornet was back, and he (Black Hornet) did kill someone so I guess we just assume that that whole thing got cleared up off panel.
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                  A little add-on: as I was reading this, I was thinking that if there were a sequel to the movie, I would like to see this storyline adapted. It still involves city politics, the newspaper, a more intimidating villain and a story around which Jr could start to take things seriously.


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                    Just picked up #24. Parks continues to write a strong storyline. Clearly, the fake Hornet has added a violent dimension. The real Hornet's MO was that he was a gangster trying to control and expand his territory against other gangsters. Palmer is tryign to make citizens think the Hornet is out to get him.

                    I agree this would be a great idea for a movie sequel, but the movie needs to decide if it is going to be an action picture or a campy comedy.

                    I noticed Chritton has changed again. but I think this look fits the storyline of Chritton being an a divorced father who will do whatever he can to spend more time with his kids. I can live with it. Certainly, it is better than the Dennis Franz look from #23.

                    Lots of cliffhangers with both Mulan and the real Hornet. I am looking forward to #25. I only fear that Cliquet is goig to do that issue. I hope he refines his style. Vitorino was rough when he took over but has been turning out really great stuff lately.


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                      Part Three

                      Thanks for the kind words, all. The latest issue is part three of six. It will be fixed moving ahead.

                      I swear that I thought the "Evil Green Hornet" thing was original! Shoulda known... I hope I get some originality points for the dual villain combo.

                      One of the things we're trying to point out in this story is that Britt (both Britts, actually) have kind of had it easy on the fake villain front. They'll played the bad guys to other bad guys, but never had much accountability for it in public or with the law. I wanted to point that out, and amp things up to the point where he could no longer be comfortable with that arrangement. The end of the arc will see things headed in a different direction.

                      I love the speculation on Moonbeam. Stay tuned!



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                        Hi Ande, hope I didn't come off as too critical with the "getting a little old" remark. Most people won't be aware of those other "fake Hornet" plots involving other Hornets (as apparently, neither were you!) so it's all new to them. Guess my age is showing. And as I said, the plotline is a natural, given the "good guy posing as a criminal" setup that's always been a key part of the Hornet's MO in every incarnation. It's good to amp up the dangerous aspects of the "playing against both sides" game that the Hornet has chosen. Still enjoying the book.
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                          No, no... not at all. The "Player on the other side" theme is a common one, and one that I find myself revisiting. We just have to try to do it better.

                          No worries, and thanks for supporting the book. I'm really proud of this arc, and I'm grateful fans have kept us going so we could make it happen.



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                            Ande, keep up the great work, not just on Hornet but Lone Ranger as well. I am enjoying the evolution of this series. I am intrigued by your comment of it wont be so easy to keep up the villian charade. Should be interesting.

                            In addition to Moonbeam, I am wondering if we will see the robo soldiers from #23 coming back in some way. Or maybe in combination? I bet clutch would have a great time customizing the robo suits.

                            Can you tell us if Igor is leaving title as artist? Is Cliquet coming on full time or just helping to keep up production?
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                              Good thought on the robotic suits coming back... have to file that away.

                              I don't know about the long term status of the artistic team on GH. I have been writing the last few scripts with Ronan in mind. I know his style might take some getting used to after the Igor issues, but I think he's doing good work. The storytelling (the real hard part of the job) in the last issue I saw proofs of was really impressive. I'm a fan. I hope you'll all continue to give Ronan a chance to prove himself.