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    Have to agree with Ande, that whatever surface detail or rendering that the critics are finding lacking in Cliquet's art (can't see it, myself), the storytelling aspect is where he really shines. Unlike Jonathan Lau's art, for example, I never have a problem following the storytelling in Ronan's artwork.
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      Ande, thanks for the info. I appreciate you listening to reader's ideas.

      Positronic, I think the art is in the eye of the beholder. I didnt mind the "force lines" on Lau. I liked his crisp style. Vitorino developed and I enjoy his style. I agree with you that the real value is the storyline. I think the art is like the drummer in a band: a good drummer makes the band sound better. A not so good drummer makes is sound worse. I hope that Cliquet can refine his style to really compliment the story like Vitorino has.