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  • Originally posted by comixfan1980 View Post
    Dynamite has the license for the first 5 novels and from what I understand will continue to adapt from that, once they hit that 5th novel they will continue with original content. Which I'm fine with.
    Thanks for the info. Those will make some great stories, and we'll get to see both the kids in action. But...the rest are terrific as well...Mastermind of Mars is one of my favorites.


    • I think that is just the cover art.
      Skottie Young is not doing the inside art.

      This reminds me of the IDW (I think) Princess of Mars solicitations that was released a few years ago. The series itself was cancelled and never realeased. Only issues 1 and 2 were solicited.


      • Here's a first look at the movie poster from itunes


        • A new Andrew Stanton interview with some concept paintings.


          • More Lui Antonio awesomeness. Come on Lui get this level of quality to Warlord of Mars!


            • Well, maybe Hester just got his numbers mixed up, but he's listed as the writer for #20 as well (different artist though).

              Written by Phil Hester, Ande Parks, art by Igor Vitorino, covers by Brian Denham, Phil Hester, and Jonathan Lau.

              A new exhibit has opened in Century City; a look back at the mysterious figures from the city's crime-ridden past, the original Green Hornet and Kato. The heirs of the Green Hornet legacy have decided to take in the displays, remembering what it was like to grow up with legendary fathers. But, as Britt Reid, Jr. and Mulan Kato stroll through the relics of their fathers' past, their peaceful day ends with a bang. A villain from the past wants something back from the display cases. Now, the new Green Hornet and Kato must fight their fathers' battles all over again. Lucky for Britt and Mulan, some of their fathers' weapons are right at hand.


              • Art Risqué Covers - Thoughts

                Since the inception of Warlord of Mars the concept has come forward from Dynamite of Art Risqué covers (what we would have previously known as 'nude' covers).

                What are people's thoughts on these?

                My view is - I like them. The art is done well without being graphic (the full frontal nudes from the 90's come to mind) and by a highly prolific artist. That being said - the concept I think might be a draw back. Comics associated with nude covers typically are not widely accepted by the wider audience.

                Iam hoping that Dynamite break the mould with this one - seeing as I see Dejah Thoris is not the only comic to be recieveing one of these covers.

                Red Sonja Art Risqué anybody?


                • Dejah Thoris # 4

                  What do you think so far?

                  Fab covers and the plot I would argue is vering on being better that WOM. The art inside is excellent and I find myself hoping the same team continue throughout.

                  The Jusko and Renaud covers are to die for - long may they provide art for this book. Renaud inside art anybody?

                  The romantic interest is nice inside and you can't help but root for the small fat guy to touch base with Dejah........maybe it's just me.


                  • I'm enjoying the series and issue #4 was no exception, I wouldn't say I'm liking it more than Warlord of Mars but I wouldn't say that the core title is leagues better than Dejah Thoris either. Both compliment eachother perfectly and I'm glad they're both being published. As for issue #4, whew, I got the Alegarza cover and holy cow is it sexy as hell, Dejah has got to be one of the most desired women in all of comics now that all these awesome artists are doing covers for her.
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                    • well, initially I was quite apalled . . . and I still am actually . . . this completely normal looking guy (who isnt really that fat) when we first see him they look at him like he is disgusting and horrible, and then immediatly falls and is laughed at . . .. it just feels cruel

                      and now . .. he cannot even hope to win the love of a beautiful woman

                      and there are some serious continuity problems . . . for example, I am pretty sure thuvia discovered her abilities with banths while enslaved by the therns. And is it so hard to NOT give red martians facial hair!

                      and then there are issues with the timeline of course

                      unless it takes place four hundred HUMAN years before, and martians live a thousand MARTIAN years (thus living to be almost 2000 year old)

                      but . . . .. I cant really complain about alot of this stuff when I so enjoyed marvels run on the world of barsoom, not to mention enjoying the god awful one-shot amazon of barsoom!

                      The reds may have facial hair, but at least they arent BLUE! Or have some sort of inexplicable anatomical feature, like the oravars in marvels warlord who had WINGS!

                      okay . . . I forgot to mention the wings . . . would the writers . . . for the love of god PLEASE READ THE BOOKS, the wings arent a thing that is needed . . . ugh . . . this should better explain it



                      well . . . for all its flaws . . . I guess it is an okay series . . . the way the colossus is being handled. Interrelations between the warring factions. I think the series is being handled better than the main warlord series . . . which is way to fast paced

                      and . . . some of the stuff I have mentioned like the Equilibrimotor is from the books that are not in the public domain . . . and thus they might not really have a right to use that stuff even though its part of the universe . . . does that mean ulsios cant have six legs in their comics because leg number isnt mentioned until llana of gathol?

                      I really feel indifferent about the entire dynamite run on barsoom, at times it feels like they should have just made their own original sword & planet series because it differs so much . . . .

                      im still interested in seeing how it all pans out . . . If I read correctly we should be seeing some black martians soon . . . I always hate it when black martians are portrayed like earth black people though . . . because . . . it seems . . . . rude, since the black martians are almost always evil. Plus there is a small detail, them having narrow eyes, that always made me imagine them as coal black asians D :

                      well . . . I look forward to seeing more and more comics . . . even though I complain like an irritated fanboy
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                      • I am glad somebody has noticed the pace of WOM going too fast. I thought it was just me.
                        It started off well, but now is just a race to the finish line.

                        I am begining to rather like the Dejah series and want to see a very long run.


                        • Originally posted by Kloot View Post
                          I am glad somebody has noticed the pace of WOM going too fast. I thought it was just me.
                          It started off well, but now is just a race to the finish line.

                          I am begining to rather like the Dejah series and want to see a very long run.
                          it needs to sit back and breath, it seems to be trying to match the pace of the book . . . but the book . . . it had time for you to BREATH in it, i mean the march to thark could have been and ENTIRE ISSUE just showing the world and the strange and alien nature of it

                          the pacing in Dejah Thoris is very much superior, and I assume it will be superior in Fall of Barsoom aswell

                          I think they do much better on telling original stories, than they do trying to retell the same stories . . .


                          • honestly, its a shameful ploy playing on the sexual desires of men to try and get them to buy more copies of their comics.

                            It disgraces the characters, and is just overall stupid . . . those are my thoughts! My honest thoughts


                            at least it isnt being done with a crayon! the artwork is good, I wont claim otherwise, im not that mean.


                            • my first was . . .. the Valley of Bantoon, a small toyset that was part of the tarzan epic adventures toyline


                              years later after my grandma divorced her husband she gave me a box of his books. And in there was "a princess of mars" Micheal Whelans cover

                              all downhill from there :P


                              • I am going to say that this was planned before dynamites series started. I love the art shown thus far, I think it is a unique visual style!

                                It is clearly part of disneys advertizing campaign for the film, im not to excited about the name John Carter a princess of mars

                                our warlord is not a crosdressing space princess:P

                                would it kill them to replace the word "a" with "and the"

                                But you know what, disney/marvel had the dignity to ask the ERB estate about it and get their assistance on the project!

                                Which is odd, you think someone would have said "hey, since when did mars have a giant ringed planet in orbit"