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The ERD/John Carter/Tarzan/Dejah/WOM MEGATHREAD!

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    Great Cover and I agre the Campbell covers are equally stunning!


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      Thanks guys!

      We really appreciate the positive feedback. Everyone here, including Joe, has been putting our heart and soul in to our series.

      And we're not shy of asking this. Please post on your favorite news sites threads, create threads, post on your blogs, anything you can do to help get the word out!




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        Warlord of Mars Series

        The "word" has been given, far and wide!!!


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          Dejah Thoris

          Wow, what a title. I opted for the Joe Jusko cover for issue one, but my standing order is for either his or Paul Renuad covers - either way I'll be happy.

          Although obviously a mature readers title, I am hoping the story won't suffer long term for the sake of showing loads of naked flesh. Dejah is obviously pretty much naked apart from jewellery, but I have seen so many titles suffer in the past from other publishers in the race to see as much naked flesh as they can regardless of story content.

          That said - there is no evidence of this in issue 1. I am not sure my wife is a fan and to be honest I found it a little hard to defend from the titilation point of view, but I am hoping my faith in the title is justified.

          I am committed to the first story arc, and I'll review after this point. Looking forward to issue 4 cover though....


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            The lack of clothes is true to the 1912 fact the characters are wearing too much clothing.


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              Please Give John Carter Title Its Own Thread!

              Not much else to say....


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                I was very excited to see Joe Jusko covers for this title, due to his other Burroughs illustrations, which are fantastic.
                I also like the pacing of "Warlord"; I hope the entire series of Burroughs novels will be covered at this pace, with the same amazing cover art!


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                  with the comicbooks flying off the shelf for this title like they have been, I am sure it will have it's on thread very soon.


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                    What a great series - this one I'll be seeing through to the end.
                    Renaud and Jusko covers are very hard to choose between, so I am alternating one per month each.


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                      Consider it done! I've also moved all Warlord of Mars topics into this new forum as well, enjoy the WoM discussion!
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                        thanks! WOM now has a home! DE thank you so much for picking up this title and making it so awsome to read and see! KEEP THOSE JUSKO COVERS COMING!


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                          Thank You DE for giving Joe Jusko the covers for Warlord of Mars, Dejah Thoris, And Vamp, He is without a doubt one of the greatest comicbook cover artist of all time. I am so glad to see his work on your covers monthly. You guys keep bringing us the best titles each and every month!


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                            I know I know

                            Originally posted by transversal View Post
                            The lack of clothes is true to the 1912 fact the characters are wearing too much clothing.
                            I realise this, and I wasn't complaining at all.
                            I love each and every issue, my point was after years of finally convincing my wife that comics don't sexulaise women - I am having difficulty with this one.

                            I'll persivere though, I ma getting this book through to the end.

                            Jusko and Renaud covers rule.


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                              Joe Jusko's Art of Edgar Rice Burroughs

                              Originally published in 1996, now out of print, but well worth seeking out. There was also a trading card set done around the same time which tied in with most of the same images.

                              Happy hunting on and eBay!
                              DE pull list: Will Eisner's The Spirit: The Corpse Makers, ERB's The Greatest Adventure, Green Hornet '66 Meets The Spirit, PSP: Herokillers, KISS/Vampirella, Mighty Mouse


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                                I recently email Arvid directly on his site with regard to the paceing of the series.
                                It's not in a rush, but it goes as fast as it needs to. Slow enough for plot and character development and fast enough to keep to coming back for more.
                                I love it.

                                I am assuming that there won't be an issue 10 - new novel new numbering (or title?)?