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The ERD/John Carter/Tarzan/Dejah/WOM MEGATHREAD!

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  • Look out...those green men...

    aren't warriors......they are.....ERB's estate lawyers! The horror!


    • Wish I could get as excited about the movie as when I first heard it was being made. In all honesty, if it were not for the words JOHN CARTER pasted across the ads in big letters, I probably would not have batted an eye upon seeing the trailer. Just doesn't look like Barsoom to me.
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      • Joe Jusko, followed by Patrick-Berkenkotter, but sadly he hasn't done any covers in awhile.


        • Definitely Joe Jusko.


          • Blah, I never listen to what critics say anyway. Some of my favorite video games and movies have been panned by critics and I couldn't care less that someone I don't know doesn't like a certain film that I may enjoy. I wouldn't let critics sway your opinion on this movie or any other.
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            • Joe Jusko Covers

              So far it seems Joe Jusko covers are winning. As I noted before I do also like Ale Garza. Paul Renaud also has some good ones too.

              Of the Jusko covers...I would have to say #1 WOM Dejah Thoris is the best with #4 of WOM DT being my second favorite and #14 of Warlord of Mars coming in a very close third.

              #1 DT WOM has a great pose and captures her character. Not only did she strangle him with her chains but she knifed him too! #4 of WOM DT has another great stance and I like how her left fist grips the pomel of the knife. Her eyes states this lady means business. WOM #14 has it issue. JC's face is a bit off in my opinion and his right leg seem overly muscled...but the green men are good as is Thuvia (I assume from the inside of the book) and her aheem...."assets".

              Just one man's opinion.

              Until the Mar's final ocean is dry,



              • There have been a number of good reviews, more positive than negative I think. I remember when "Unforgiven" came out and many critics said it was horrible because it wasn't a "classic western".

                Anyway, I saw the movie about an hour ago and I liked it. Personally, I wouldn't have done things exactly like that, but it's very enjoyable and the names used are straight out of the book. The story follows that of the book in a "based on" sort of way, so there are scenes played out you've always wanted to see on the big screen. I'm not sure how the pacing was, because I spent all my time making comparisons in my head. I'll have to take my 14 year old son to get an objective opinion.

                I think Burroughs would have liked it.


                • Ok, I've slept on it and I've decided that the plot was overly complicated for no apparent reason. I still liked it, but I won't say more for the sake of those who've not yet seen it.


                  • Originally posted by transversal View Post
                    I guess I'll answer, since Comichero did not start this thread. Joe Jusko is my favorite.

                    On a different in 4 days....
                    lol, I knew it! just as a sidenote, I would love to see an Earl Norem WOM cover, he is retired, BUT even just one cover would be AWESOME!


                    • No Spoilers....

                      I too saw the movie last night. I went in with reserve feelings and did not have my hopes up. I thought it was well done family movie and enjoyed seeing it. I will buy the DVD too.

                      I thought the CGI was good. In fact the guys I went with said they did not think about the characters being CGI after seeing them for a few minutes. Isn't that what good special effects are supposed to be? Enhance the movie but not become the main focal point. For me 3D is annoying and not necessary but it is the movie industry's latest fad.

                      The plot was updated by Hollywood. One main point being an unlimited energy source found and there was a hint (just a hint) of enviornmentalism thrown in (just a couple lines of dialogue, no where near as bad as Avatar). As Transversal said they overcomplicated the plot. It did not follow the book(s) faithfully.

                      I thought Lynn Collins did an excellent job portraying a modern version of Dejah Thoris. She was beautiful and as Dejah Thoris fights as well as John Carter. Taylor Kitsch was acceptable as John Carter...he has the muscles. The young guy (my nephew 15 yrs old) laughed everytime Woola was shown, (in a good way) and became his favorite character.

                      I don't think it will become a blockbuster. Given its lack of a advertising, bad general reviews, and no merchandising as of yet, I do not see it making its money back. I hope I am wrong.


                      • Or Bob Larkin. Or Steranko.
                        DE pull list: Will Eisner's The Spirit: The Corpse Makers, ERB's The Greatest Adventure, Green Hornet '66 Meets The Spirit, PSP: Herokillers, KISS/Vampirella, Mighty Mouse


                        • Saw the movie and liked it, I do not think they overcomplicated the plot, if anything they simplified it by explaining things that are never explained in the book in a way they make perfect sense and connect beautifully with the novels. I think the title and marketing of the movie has been flawed and it may doom a very good movie. For one thing "A Princess of Mars" as a title might have lured the female audience and family much more than the perception of a "guy" movie that the title John Carter and the arena scenes have given the film. I went with my daughter and her mom. My daughter had absolutely no interest in watching this film and her mother thought it was a Greek mythology film. After the movie finished my daughter told me "wow, I did not know this movie was going to be so good, I really liked it" and her mom thought it was really good too. I think they made Dejah Thoris a totally appealing role model that other women can identify with and they could have exploited this, Lynn Collins, who in interviews had stricken me as a ditz showed really well her acting chops and surprised me by performing a very strong intelligent compelling heroine on screen.
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                          • Hmmmm. Debating between Sadowski and Jusko. They're both very hot...


                            • Warlord of Mars 16

                              Just Keep MESSING IT UP

                              You guys, I dont want to be rude, but seriously. . . you have broken the entire story by having green martians in the land of the first born!

                              Green Martians are not allowed in the land of the first born! WHY is irrelevent, but if it wasnt for this fact . . . then sola wouldnt have been thrown off the airship when Dejah Thoris was captured!

                              the only reason that John Carter launched an assault against the first born was because they captured Dejah Thoris, if sola wasnt thrown off the airship . . . then he wouldnt have known that hte first born even captured her . . . he would have no idea what happened to her!

                              But the presence of green martians in the arena is a major contradiction

                              you cant later say "green martians arent allowed" because . . . well as demonstrated here THEY ARE

                              Seriously, paint over these guys and make them thithers or something

                              the presence of green martians just totally messed up the entire story


                              • I liked it!

                                I was initially worried about Dejah being a "warrior princess" but really she wasnt in the film, it was taht all barsoomians were warriors . . .it didnt dominate her personality.

                                I didnt think that hte film was overly complex

                                highlight of seeing it in the theater was when two women screamed during the incubator scene XD

                                I was also worried about the warhoons, but it turned out that their physical differences appear to be just derived from lifestyle rather than racial differences (they are stated in the book to be the same race exactly)