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    Originally posted by positronic View Post

    Originally published in 1996, now out of print, but well worth seeking out. There was also a trading card set done around the same time which tied in with most of the same images.

    Happy hunting on and eBay!
    I have both. I bought the trading cards too although one was missing. The cards have the Tarzan covers that were done by Neal Adams for the paperback novels and the Boris covers too.


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      Warlord of Mars #6 discussion **spoilers**

      Another great issue!! Great pacing in the story and art was once again tops!
      Learning the story of Sola and who her father is, Tars Tarkas, should prove interesting in future stories. I don't know why I didn't figure it out as she was telling it but I didn't. A guy else where said that Tarkas is the only Martian of consequence we've met so it had to be him. Well, I guess I was just enjoying having the story unfold to bother with playing detective. That isn't so bad, right?

      So what has happened to Dejah and Sola? John creates a diversion so they can escape and loses them. Is the atmospher factory(I think that's what it was at the end) where they are or is this a sidebar in the story?

      Looking forward to next issue!!


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        Originally posted by Kamakazi View Post
        I'm not a fan of the work Jusko's done here. His John Carter is just too brutish.

        Even Frank Frazetta, a man not widely noted for his subtlety, had the good sense to draw Carter more like the Southern Gentleman the book describes, and less like Conan the Barbarian:

        To me for this fantasy novels the hero won't be convincing unless he's built like a brickhouse. A guy fighting around in speedos looks ridiculous (and very gay) unless he looks like a bodybuilder. I look at the Frazetta paintings and the guy looks like a bodybuilder too, a 60's or 70's bodybuilder. I'm sure Frazetta would have beef him up if he was a younger artist.
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          I think that is the atmosphere factory. I'm enjoying the story. I like the artwork but wouldn't mind seeing a guy like Jusko, Ariel Olivetti, Richard Corben or even Cary Nord draw some issues.


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            I'm going to make this an artist wishlist thread. Another one of my favorites I'd love to see draw John Carter is Mr. Ariel Olivetti:

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              yeah we have to remember that Jusko does not only paint covers but that he does do inside comicbook art work as well! I sure wouldn't mind seeing him draw a few issues!


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                Great issue, but some of the Dejah Thoris art is becoming improbable (look at some of the waist shots). I don't want to see this book go down that route.


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                  Warlord of Mars 10 cover


                  Why does John Carter looks like a teenager. He looks like Robin from Batman in this picture. I like the rest of the cover but this John Carter is really off. hope he doesn't looks this puny in the interior pages.


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                    Creative Changes?

                    The release about Bionic Man says:

                    After last year's critically and commercially successful collaboration on the Green Hornet, Kevin Smith and Dynamite Entertainment are reuniting once again, with the creative team that brought the flagship Green Hornet series to fans; Phil Hester, Jonathan Lau, and Alex Ross on covers!

                    It seems that Hester can write a half dozen books at a time but I don't know that Lau can draw several. Are we losing him on Hornet?


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                      I hope we are not losing him on Hornet. If we are I need DE to find just as smooth a story teller as the transition from Smith-->Hester was. This has been a quality book and I want it to remain so.

                      Anyone know where the main GH title ranks in sales for DE?
                      I'm hoping it's high, high enough for them to stay focused on making sure talent with a clear plan for the character(s) is in place.


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                        It ranks 174 in sales on the chart.

                        __ /#8/19,442
                        __ /#12/13,913

                        Originally posted by Captain Craig View Post

                        Anyone know where the main GH title ranks in sales for DE?
                        I'm hoping it's high, high enough for them to stay focused on making sure talent with a clear plan for the character(s) is in place.


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                          Wow - that really is a very bad cover!


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                            Among DE books though I think it's in the upper third or so (at least the main title is). It's under Boys and Vampirella and Warlord of Mars, but above Phantom, the various Red Sonja books, Zorro, Sherlock, the rest of the Hornet family, etc.


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                              Warlord of Mars #10 Sadowski

                              He is not my favorite artist either. I seldom buy covers he has done. Just not my taste and, as you have pointed out, they seem "off" and out-of-place. The coloring is flat and lacks the detail most of us have come to look forward to from most DE comics.


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                                to be just... the other one is no highlight either:

                                is this supposed to be John Carter? Totally not. And what the heck has this Dejah impression in her hair?!

                                I hope there are other variants that will be better. Sorry Dynamite guys but this is calling for "constructive criticism".
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