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  • Ralok! I am so flattered you like the story so far. Thanks my friend, for the kind words. Made my day.


    • Originally posted by Arvid Nelson View Post
      Ralok! I am so flattered you like the story so far. Thanks my friend, for the kind words. Made my day.
      you should read what I wrote about Warlord of Mars 26! This story-arch is genuinly impressive thus far!


      • Hi all.

        My first post here

        This run on The Barsoom Series is by far the best by any comics publisher ever!

        I was so happy to discover it recently that I ran out to get every issue so far and was overjoyed that they were sticking so closely to the books which I loved so much as a child.

        Is it just me and my ancient brain, or have the recent couple issues strayed from the books?

        I honestly don't recall the current story. I like it, and all the spin offs I have so far (still need to get a few - I started late!), but can't help but feel disappointed at either the straying from the books in the main title (no problems with that in all those wonderful spin off titles though!) or even more disappointment in myself for not remrmbering this story arc.

        I hope you guys stay with the books as long as possible. I know they are not all public domain, so maybe I should suggest the not public domain ones in your "What Licenses" thread?

        Either way, thanks Dynamite, for this fine series!


        • I think you are a bit confused dude, they finished the first three books

          there are only two other public domain barsoom books, and those are spin-off books that may earn their own spinoffs in dynamite continuity. But right now they are focusing on an original and awesome story taht focuses on two races ERB sadly neglected.


          • Originally posted by Ralok View Post
            I think you are a bit confused dude, they finished the first three books

            there are only two other public domain barsoom books, and those are spin-off books that may earn their own spinoffs in dynamite continuity. But right now they are focusing on an original and awesome story that focuses on two races ERB sadly neglected.
            No confusion except whether I forgot any ERB Stories. I kind of thought they'd keep going with the books and thus worried I didn't recall the current storyline from the books. I was only asking if indeed they strayed for the latest issues, and you have confirmed that they did.

            No harm in keeping the next books in the "Main" title even if Johnny C isn't the main character. I'd think it makes more sense to do the adaptations all sequential than skip into original stories, no matter how good they are (and they are quite good!), and then return to adaptations.

            My opinion is that, given how the first 25 issues went, the John Carter title should have remained reserved for adaptations of the books, and spin offs like this current story, should be in other titles.

            But that's just my opinion! I'm still glad to see this series continue either way.


            • I humbly disagree, I think Warlord of Mars should be about the titular Warlord of Mars... however... I think there would be no harm in Adapting "Thuvia Maid of Mars" into the series, as I would like to believe Carthoris is the heir to the throne...

              and that being said... Perhaps Chessmen should be a spinoff, or a continuation of a Dejah Thoris series?

              I dont know! But I think both Thuvia and Chessmen would make great twelve issue minis called "Son of the Warlord of Mars" and "Daughter of the Warlord of Mars"


              • Martian Codex (Barsoom Ha-Kardus)

                Yeah so a few words before I start this rather length post (that will only get longer as time passes) I hope one day that dynamite releases a Martian Codex, a guide to all things Barsoom as they have envisioned it (and Re-envisioned it) but I am extremely bored so I dont feel like waiting! I am going to post my own version of a Barsoomian codex... right here, in this forum, based on the works of Dynamite and the public domain Barsoom tales of Edgar Rice Burroughs.

                A cautionary warning THIS IS ALMOST ALL MADE UP I am making up a lot of stuff here about the various nations of Barsoom presented in Dynamite, and I am making up stuff about the animals and lands... THIS IS FAN FICTION pure and simple, and I find no shame in doing it if its only for fun, now some of you may know I run the Barsoom wiki... rest assured, that none of my fanonical stuff will make it onto the wiki in any way shape or form... The wiki is safe! No fanon like this on it.

                Please if you ahve any input, dispute any information, or if you have ideas of your own... tell me! Also I will be including color coded notes, as I liked to imagine this is a textbook that John Carter and Dejah Thoris' inevitable third child (that Burroughs never got around to creating) would have, as a result the Royal Family will be reading it and making notes.

                I have no idea what I am doing... its going to be a work in progress for a while.


                Barsoom (a name meaning the eighth world in the mythology of Ancient Lothar) has a rich and vibrant history that traces back nearly 55,000 years to the Height of the Orovar civilization, but any history before 49,000 is deeply muddled because of an Era of seemingly unending strife that engulfed the world as the oceans began to recede. These periodic tomes were created to provide the youth of the world with a basic, and always up-to-date, overview of their homeworld.

                A Martian year is nearly twice as long as an earthly one, the history of Barsoom goes back an incredible 110,000 years! - John Carter
                Nobody Cares - Tars Tarkas
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                • Chapter 1 - Barsoom

                  coming soon
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                  • Chapter 2 - Animals

                    The apt is one of the largest and most powerful creatures in the great northern ice fields of Barsoom, they are distant relatives of the green martians arne white apes, having become highly adapted to the harsh conditions of the frozen north.

                    The banth is a fierce eight legged predator with a bristly mane, it haunts the dead sea bottoms carving out territories for itself. There is also a rare species of Banth with ten legs found haunting the more fertile regions of barsoom, these are very aggressive to the eight legged variety, the reduction in limbs seems to be an evolutionary step the banth is still undergoing.

                    The "Calots" are a breed of pack-hunting animals related to the banth, there is evidence to suggest that the Calot originally accompanied Okar sailors in the days of ancient barsoom. The Calot has ten powerful legs (although some sub-species have eight or six) and are for the most part carnivorous, they are found virtually exclusively pets amongst the Green men of the dead sea bottoms.

                    the orluk are a pack hunting creature native to the far north, visually they seem to be related to the banth, however they are actually far more related to the Ulsio than they are to any other creature on Barsoom.

                    Ray Kor (Red Ape)
                    The lesser red ape found in the lands of bantoom, it does not approach the levels of aggression of its gigantic cousin. It would seem that the Kaldanes "rykors" are an evolutionary offshoot of this race, bred with stranded red martians to produce a vile and disturbing species. The red apes rarely venture from the fertile regions of Barsoom, if a white ape encounters one it will beat it savagely, but it will not kill it under any circumstance for unknown reasons.

                    The traditional mounts of the Kaldanes, they appear as headless Hither people (albeit with slightly lighter skin) these mounts also serve as a food source for them. The creatures are not very popular outside of of Bantoom, and not even particularly popular amongst the kaldanes who consider the meat lesser to that of the Ulsio. Following the discover of the Kaldanes the Therns traded 300 Ulsios to the Kaldanesi n exhange for 400 Rykors, the Therns desired the Rykors to satisfy Thern traditionalists cannibalistic urges.

                    The "sith" is a gigantic winged and armored creature, externally it resembles an insect, but internally it is not that different from other creatures on mars, possessing the familiar lungs, ceradin glands, spines that all higher barsoomian life has. The sith belongs to a largely extinct class of super-organisms that for the most part fell to natural disaster 4 million years ago on Barsoom, long before human life descended from the Tree of Life.

                    the Silians are fierce beasts that inhabit the remote watery regions of Barsoom, they are peculiar in that they are unrelated to the majority of other water-dwelling species on Barsoom. They appear to be members of the sith-class of organism that largely went extinct on Barsoom 4 million years ago, their watery lifestyle causing them to lose their legs and armor, the serpents of Barsoom appear to be evolved from examples of these beasts that have migrated back onto land.

                    The "Stoats" are a large armored beast utilized primarily by the Green peoples of the dead sea bottoms, they are heavily armored and have a high level of endurance. Genetic testing and research has shown them to be surprisingly close relatives of the common thoat, but their armored backs have reduced the range of motion and thus they have had to develop three trunk-like extensions to help them eat the moss on the dead sea bottoms. Their Temperament, and lack of understanding of personal space has made them unpopular amongst the other races of barsoom, their flesh is also considered unpalatable by many but is incredibly useful for oils, as well their armored scales can be ground and used as an anti-bacterial medicine, they can be removed without harming the animal and they always grow back.

                    Soraks are a diminutive relative of both the Calot and the Banth, they were originally bred by the last of the ancient Orovar in one of their underground enclaves near Gathol. The Enclave fell to plague, but their beasts survived and were adopted by the Gatholians who further refined the breed into the household pets they are today, among the differences between them and the calots they were bred from is larger amounts of back hair (often shaved for comfort), loss of redundant legs (total of eight), reduction in aggression, and degerative bone diseases. They are very loyal and will attempt to protect their masters, with consistent failure.

                    The thoat is the main riding beast of the inhabitants of Barsoom, they are extremely important to the cultures of the Hither and the Green Martian Hordes. There are many breeds of teh great beasts, the painted thoats of the Green men come in an endless variety of color, the Shar Thoats of the Red kingdoms are much smaller and almost always grey, the Zae thoat exclusively bred in Koal is a variation on the Shar, and the great shaggy Joat of the north is a hardly different species utilized by the Okar.

                    Vermin that inhabit much of barsoom, possessing six legs and a vile temperament they are unwelcome in most regions. They are virtually never found as pets, their meat is considered disgusting, and they have almost nothing of value to add to barsoomian society in any way.

                    The third largest flying beast to every haunt the skies of barsoom, they are distant relatives of the apt and and thus the green martians and the apes of barsoom. They have six limbs, the intermediary having become wings, splitting to form four wings in the females of the species for display purposes. The species was originally domesticated by the green martians but they went extinct, there are rare sightings of these beasts around the hills of Torquas however.

                    A minor and diminutive relative of the thoat, it has developed antlers to serve as ornamentation and as a minor means of defense. These creatures have long been used by the red nations as livestock, for their meat, milk, and skin. Allergies to these creatures skin dander are somewhat common amongst both yellow and red martians.

                    Zae Kor (White Ape)
                    The Great White Apes are one of the fiercest, horrid, and prolific creatures on all of Barsoom. They breed in great numbers in the dead cities and few remaining fertile reaches of the planet, they are highly intelligent with some fringe examples bordering on sapience, but overall are hostile and aggressive. They have been known to be domesticated from time to time as pets, usually as performance beasts, but overall are considered a nuisance. They are the primary cause of death amongst the green children of the world, and have an intense hatred of the green species seemingly burned into their minds.

                    The rarest and most enigmatic of the beasts domesticated by the Green Men is the Zitidar, for over twenty thousand years conventional wisdom held that these beasts died along with the oceans of Barsoom. Then in (Blank Year) PFS the beasts were spotted amongst the hordes of Torquas, naturally Thurd was the next group seen to use them, and then the Northern Horde, followed Warhoon, then Thark. The circumstances of this beasts return are detailed in Green legends that vary with the tribes. The beasts are no longer used in the green caravans as they are slow to breed, they are held in reserve at the home cities of the greens (or in the case of the Great Horde of the North... is the city) and mounted with huge guns, serving as the green martian standard counter-measure to airships.
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                    • Chapter 3 - Plants

                      coming soon


                      • Chapter 4 - People

                        Barsoom is inhabited by a plethora of races, mythology tells us that each race is descended from the "tree of life" with the hitheroid form having originated with the Black Skinned "First Born" but modern science tells us otherwise. While there does appear to be an innate floral basis for human life on Barsoom there is little to support the Tree of Life hypothesis. In addition to the hitheroid life there is also a few disparate unexplained sapient species that exist on Barsoom that are considered equals in intellect.

                        First Born
                        The first born are a race of Human, the oldest one historically recorded on Barsoom. Fossil records indicate they used to be a much larger species, with less hair and more pronounced Mandibular canine teeth. It has been suggested that the First Born split on the evolutionary path from the Green Men about 2 million years ago, but the First Born religiously deny this.

                        Today the First Born are one of the less prolific races on Barsoom, but they have maintained a vast underground kingdom centered on the Omean sea. There is also evidence to suggest distant undiscovered First Born kingdoms in the unknown reaches of Barsoom. Having spent much of the last 100,000 years living in secret they only ventured into the greater world of Barsoom masquerading as "Moon Pirates" claiming to be from Thuria to avert suspicion of their existence.

                        Following the fall of their religious dominance of Barsoom the First Born have been quick to adapt and integrate into Barsoomian society, far less stubborn than the Therns in this regard. They have taken Jobs as panthans, soldiers, and perhaps strangest of all First Born chefs have become prominent, it is said that this is perhaps because the lack of diversity in diet whilst in Omean produced curiosity in culinary tradition outside their nation.


                        coming soon


                        coming soon

                        Hither (Translates literally into "Red Men" literally)

                        coming soon

                        Thither (Translates literally into "Darker Red Men")

                        coming soon

                        Kathir (Translates literally into "Green Men")

                        coming soon


                        coming soon


                        coming soon
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                        • Chapter 5 - The Nations

                          There are roughly 30 known nations on Barsoom, each with a varying size, culture, and political and military power. There are likely many nations in the unexplored and forgotten regions of Barsoom, but none the less Helium is considered the most powerful political body on the planet due to varying factors* this section of the tome will provide a brief overview of the known Nations of Barsoom.

                          I think we know why this is - John Carter

                          League of Barsoom

                          There are fourteen member nations that have sworn allegiance to the League of Barsoom, the league was established in in 795 AFS* by John Carter the "Warlord of Barsoom" in order to establish greater unity amongst the varying races and cultures of the world. And thus far it has promoted much peace, science, and education throughout barsoom.


                          The largest nation on Barsoom it has absorbed many number of nations over the eons since it was established at roughly the same time as the atmosphere factory. Its scientists have always been the greatest upon Barsoom, in fact the nations obsession with science led it to many periods of subservience to other nations, but ultimately the fighting spirit is reclaimed and Helium has been able to push back any foe, and triumph over any dictator.

                          The traditional colors of helium until the splitting of Greater and Lesser Helium was red, when lesser helium split the nation assumed yellow as its choice. When the two nations were ultimately re-united both colors were taken as a symbol of the new unity of the nation of Helium. The symbol of the sun was adopted at the same time, the symbol is meant to represent the burning fires within the souls of the nations people that may never be extinguished.


                          The borders of Phaidor begin at the golden cliffs around the Valley Dor and end at the bottom of the Otz mountains on their northern sides. The land in the Valley Otz, the Mountains of Otz, and the Golden Cliffs are the range of a surprisingly large nation known as Phaidor, governed by the now humbled Therns. John Carter after conquering the Therns allowed their freedom based solely on what kindness he saw within Phaidor, the daughter of the Hekkador of the Therns.

                          The Therns named their new nation Phaidor in her honor, and thus began a new life. It is not without people who try to maintain the old ways, but constant watch by Helium has ensured that they at the very least maintain the effort to change. Therns now largely have discarded the yellow wigs they wear and have abandoned cannibalism (for the most part). They use a light violet as the color of their choice, and have maintained their symbol of the ray-jewel.


                          Okar is the nation of the Okar, its unclear if the yellow men have taken the name from their land or if their land bears the name of their race. The culture of the people is surprisingly like that of both the ancient Orovar and the Hither nations. The Okar have neglected to share with Helium anything of their nations history, but they are technologically proficient and have been more than willing to share this technology with Helium and its allies.

                          Orange is the color of choice for the nation, an orange more leaning towards yellow that is, their symbol is the raging Orluk which was adopted by Talu in his rebellion against Solensus Oll and has since become synonmous with their people.


                          coming soon
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                          • Chapter 6 - History

                            coming soon


                            • Chapter 7 - Technology

                              coming soon


                              • Chapter 8 - The Stars

                                coming soon