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    HI, I'm new to the forums. Quick question... Is there a way to purchase the back issues and variant covers that I missed on a lot of these pulp comics directly from DE so I can directly benefit the company? I know buying new stuff from a comic shop helps, but running down back issues and ebay ordering doesn't seem like it would benefit the whole thing.

    edit: This is probably the wrong section, but I came here for pulp comics (and red sonja) so here it is.

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    That is an interesting question. If you go to the Dynamite web site main page, and click on the banner where it says "SHOP", you can definitely order titles directly from Dynamite (use the search box to locate a particular title) and add them to your cart. You can order the Subscription Variant. And certain other variant covers are definitely listed (but you will pay $$$ for them). The solicitation description even lists the UPC codes for "regular" 50/50 and 25/25/25/25 cover variants (and 1-in-X), so presumably a retailer could use the code to order a specific cover for you (although the 1-in-X covers require a minimum order of the basic cover assortments). But as far as I can tell there isn't a way to specify a particular cover when ordering from among the regular variants from Dynamite.

    It does seem like there should be. I know some other comic book companies do that when you order directly from them. But Dynamite is producing more variant covers on a per-month basis than all other companies combined, it seems. There are so many of them that maybe it is too much of a hassle for Dynamite to sort them all out by cover artist for each customer.
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