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How would you make the pulp books one solid universe?

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    Originally posted by Captain Canuck View Post
    The Green Hornet / Shadow mini will be revealing. If the story is told in such a way that they appear to be meeting for the first time again, well...
    If they appear to already have met than I guess I could see the solo books as being "Universe A" and then the Masks series and the GH/Shadow title as being "Universe B", which would make things even more interesting. God, so many possibilities.......


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      Originally posted by comixfan1980 View Post
      I don't care if it's shared or not, but I like that people are having fun with piecing things together to make it shared if they so please. It's kind of neat to be able to view the line as shared or to view it as stand alone titles, the multiple time frames make it easier to come up with your own conclusions.

      I view it as shared, I don't know, it makes it a little more fun for me as a reader but I can see as to why some wouldn't view it as such too.
      Well, there's two ways of looking at this - how the reader sees it, and how Dynamite Entertainment sees it from an editorial perspective, as in, are they actually going to treat it as a universe or not? But seeing as how they have to ask permission from some license holder every time they want to do something like a crossover, it can never really be that kind of "guest star at the drop of a hat/villain from one series appears in another series/supporting characters common to all titles" sort of thing that defines a company-owned stable of characters. They can only really do that if all the characters are either Dynamite-owned, or public domain, like in Project Superpowers.
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