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  • Dynamite Please Release the Trades

    I am a loyal reader of Dynamite comics. I buy all of Dynamite's pulp/noir trades the day the come out and whenever I am looking for a new series to check out I always look to Dynamite first. That being said I am growing frustrated at how long it is taking for Dynamite to release the trades for some cancelled series.

    Particularly I am hoping that Green Hornet Strikes! and Zorro Rides Again vol 2 will get released soon. I know these series weren't the most successful but I doubt I am the only one who is a fan of these characters and who wants to see these series released in TPB form.

    Furthermore I understand that sometimes a series must be cancelled but I think companies whether they be comic publishers, tv networks, etc. owe it to the fans to give each series a conclusive ending. I hope that Dynamite can do this for series like "The Last Phantom" and others that have been or will be cancelled.

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    +1 for that.

    I,m wondering if "The Last Phantom" will win against the big ginger bearded guy in the big machine.
    Thats how vol.2 ended and I,d love to know what happened next



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      I loved Green Hornet Strikes! Its too bad they had that printing error in #10, especially after it took so long to come out.