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Shadow/Green Hornet: Dark Nights #3

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  • Shadow/Green Hornet: Dark Nights #3

    I just finished issue #5 today.

    But one thing about issue #3 that bothered me has to do with the Footnotes section at the back. Uslan clues people in to things in his script, but what about for the artwork?!?

    On page 11 (same page as the "Flanders Field" mention), Shadow (as Cranston) and Cliff Marsland are walking in a hallway where there are several doors with names on them. In case people were unaware of the significances, . . .

    (1.) Hidalgo Trading Company - the name of a company lined to fellow pulp character Doc Savage

    (2.) Timely Comics Group - the Golden Age predecessor to Marvel Comics

    (3.) Nick Carter P.I. - Another classic pulp magazine character, though he originally got his start in dime novels in the late 1880s.

    (4.) Benson Industries - I'm assuming a reference to Richard Henry Benson, the man who became the white-faced and white-haired Avenger. He also has historical ties to both The Shadow and Doc Savage.

    (5.) Supersnipe Ltd. - A comic book character from the 1940s published by Street and Smith. He first appeared in an issue of Shadow Comics. (NOTE: This doorway sign showed up again in issue #5.)

    (6.) Justice Inc. - The first adventure of The Avenger, and also the title of later comic books featuring the character.
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