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    i don't think its all that good either. i plan on finishing it though.


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      "The Shadow Now" won't last much longer....

      I love the character of The Shadow. He is one of the most iconic figure in American pulp/comic culture. This series, however, is not doing him justice. These two creators are the ones who drove "The Spider" into a premature death. I do hope that Dynamite will either replace them or just end this aspect the The Shadow. He deserves to be better handled. The dialogue does not flow well. The art is far too dark and devoid of anything positive.


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        Originally posted by Historian View Post
        These two creators are the ones who drove "The Spider" into a premature death.
        Wow, Historian. I suspect you're going to find a few people on these forums that are going to take exception to that opinion, and argue that David Liss is the main reason that The Spider has lasted as long as it has. That book has gotten some serious love from the people who are actually reading it.

        I have to admit that prior to DE's comic book, I never felt as close, personally, to The Spider as I have to The Shadow. Part of that has to do with the relatively few mass-market paperback reprints of the pulp novels and comic book adaptations of The Spider that were published up until pretty recently, as opposed to The Shadow whose appearances I've been following pretty closely since the first issue of the DC Shadow comic book back in the 1970s.

        If I had my way, I'd rather see all the pulp heroes with their stories firmly set in the world of the 1930s and 1940s, but I understand why they have to try to update them, because the 'period piece' is kind of a niche market relative to most comic book readers, and those readers are needed for sales to remain viable.
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          The Shadow Now response ...

          Pulphero, I agree that many people with disagree with me. That's fine with me since it is just an opinion, not an absolute statement of fact. I guess I find David Liss' style just not to my taste. Now that double issue versions of "The Spider" pulp reprints are in full swing, maybe more people will read them. I doubt that he will ever be as popular or as well read as "The Shadow" but familiarity with the character can't hurt. This might motivate DE to bring him back with a new creative team. For those of us who love "The Spider" and his brand of rough justice, that can't happen too soon.


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            By the way, the numbers for the six Shadow NOW issues (published by Dynamite) as reported on Diamond distributors monthly Top 300 lists (based on orders from comic book shops):

            * Oct. 2013 - 208th - Shadow NOW #1 - 10,989 copies

            * Nov. 2013 - 242nd - Shadow NOW #2 - 7,264 copies

            * Dec. 2013 - 264th - Shadow NOW #3 - 6,373 copies

            * Jan. 2014 - 271st - Shadow NOW #4 - 5,963 copies

            * March 2014 - 285th - Shadow NOW #5 - 5,508 copies

            * April 2014 - 308th - Shadow NOW #6 - 5,161 copies

            And, in comparison, the more recent Shadow series from Dynamite (also set in the 21st century):
            * A
            ug. 2017 - 173rd - Shadow #1 - 12,174 copies

            * Sep. 2017 - 222nd - Shadow#2 - 7,596 copies

            * Oct. 2017 - 222nd - Shadow#3 - 7,128 copies

            * Nov. 2017 - 252nd - Shadow #4 - 6,692 copies

            * Dec. 2017 - 221st - Shadow #5 - 6,719 copies

            (NOTE: Jan. 2018 numbers not available just yet.)