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    The sure to be awful Seth Rogen movie is more then likely dead!

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      If anybody had any brain in that Hollywood studio, they would do a Green Hornet film in a Batman Dark Knight style, and not that cheese ball comedy they have in what's left of their mind after too much drug use... a cheesy comedy Kevin Smith fully supports by the way

      Getting the comic book rights was a good thing, but wasting it on Kevin Smith is not too clever

      I never thought I would ever say that, but thanks God at least Moonstone seems to be take the Green Hornet more seriously

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        Green hornet poll: Old mask versus new mask?

        delete delete delete delete delete delete
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          Green hornet masks old versus new


          Actually there are 3 masks

          Eyes mask, full face mask in the old 1940's movie serial, and the mouth nose gas mask from the 1940's comic books

          Classic Mouth & Nose Gas Mask (1940's Comics)

          Classic Full Face Gas Mask (1940's Movie Serials)

          Newer Eyes' Mask (1970's TV Series)
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            I think I personally prefer this one

            Which is a comic book update of the old Movie serials days, but with better coloring; it has a bit of that Spider-man feel to it

            If I had to make a serious movie or comic book series with the title "Green Hornet Year One", I would start with the mouth & nose mask for the hero's first night out as a quick improvised mask, and on his following mission, upgrade to the full face mask, which also conceals much better his identity, and protects him against his own sleeping gas

            A Wallpaper I made

            PS: I would love to have a 1940's golden age Green Hornet Comic Book Archives collection hardcover

            as for my favorite Old Time Radio Shows of the Green Hornet:

            Green Hornet 1936-02-27 Trouble Hits The Trolley
            Green Hornet 1936-03-03 Not One Cent For Tribute
            Green Hornet 1936-03-06 Justice Wears A Blindfold
            Green Hornet 1938-05-05 The Political Racket
            Green Hornet 1939-10-17 Sales Tax Racket
            Green Hornet 1939-10-30 Parking Lot Racket
            Green Hornet 1939-11-23 Smuggler Signs His Name
            Green Hornet 1940-09-27 Votes For Sale
            Green Hornet 1941-05-17 Smashing The Counterfeit Ring
            Green Hornet 1942-02-21 Charity Takes It On The Chin
            Green Hornet 1942-05-23 A Slip Of The Lip
            Green Hornet 1942-09-12 Murder Trips A Rat
            Green Hornet 1945-06-14 Not So Smart
            Green Hornet 1945-08-23 Unexpected Meeting
            Green Hornet 1945-10-04 Stuffed Panda
            Green Hornet 1945-10-11 Hot Money And Death
            Green Hornet 1946-01-22 George Havens Secret
            Green Hornet 1946-01-29 Escape For Revenge
            Green Hornet 1946-05-28 Polarized Glasses
            Green Hornet 1946-06-11 The Hornet Does It Again
            Green Hornet 1946-06-25 Revenge For Melakim
            Green Hornet 1946-09-24 Underwater Adventure
            Green Hornet 1948-01-20 A Matter Of Evidence
            Green Hornet 1948-91-27 Hit And Run
            Green Hornet 1950-12-06 Devils Playground

            My Green Hornet Page:
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              As I suggested on the IMDB Green Hornet film board, Maybe these lame clowns should recall their cheesy film

              THE PINK HORNET

              Rather then disrespect a great popular character like the Green Hornet

              And for those that support dumb movie making, to perhaps go back and hide in their closet.
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                OH a teaser image

                OH a teaser image


                Let me guess what TNG means, The Next Generation, with special hornet insect style, eye lends

                I hope we get some classics too

                PS: link on Titles page gives an error
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                  Green Hornet Cover Art / Ross

                  Very nice



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                    looking forward to this for sure


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                      Great artwork as usual by Alex Ross

                      From what I can detect of this piece, breasts forms perhaps, maybe the light is playing tricks on me; but sexy female leg, definitively not the leg of a man with that set of darts on, this Kato sounds more like a tough Katoette to me :-)

                      Like some Next Generation

                      It’s almost a shame such good work gets to be wasted on people who really did so little good writing, if any, in comic books, people like Mr Cheese Kevin Smith who supports the extra cheese Green Hornet comedy that Sony plans on doing with extra lame clowns

                      And if I remember correctly one of his DD story was to have a new born thrown off a building roof top by one over rated knock-off hero, as we all know the genuine Daredevil is the death-defying devil from Project Superpowers, and he also let his readers down by walking off a Spider-Man & Black Cat miniseries which he only came back to complete years later at a point where no one cared anymore; that alone should serve as an example and warning about the stability of Kevin Smith. If I were Dynamite, I wouldn’t publish a single page until all work is complete, if they really insist on having Kevin Smith; nothing personal, but the man is not really very dependable. If I ever buy this, it will be strictly a collected edition, if ever, with more than convincing previews

                      My Green Hornet Page ->
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                        Didn't Alex Ross did this one preview teaser first

                        I would love for a writer that I do like (Project Superpowers, Zorro) to do a comic book series GREEN HORNET YEAR ONE with the origin story of the first original classic Green Hornet, full face mask and all.
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                          It is definitly a female Kato. See the character sketch below. It's not the fisrt Female Kato. Now Comics did it but was told to drop her by the Copyright holder. (how times change ).

                          I think the link is in one of the other Hornet threads but word is that Matt Wagner is doing a Green Hornet Year One.
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                            What are the chances of DE reprinting the NOW comics series in trades?

                            Subject asks all.


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                              Originally posted by Ghornet2 View Post
                              I think the link is in one of the other Hornet threads but word is that Matt Wagner is doing a Green Hornet Year One.
                              Word is, I would VERY MUCH like that


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                                Originally posted by Ghornet2 View Post
                                It is definitly a female Kato. See the character sketch below. It's not the fisrt Female Kato. Now Comics did it but was told to drop her by the Copyright holder. (how times change )
                                Well if this series is the distant far away futuristic Next Generations that I think it is, both characters could have been GrandGrand....Daughters of the original classic heroes really, this could have been an all female duo. Maybe Alex Ross can take over with a writer of his choise after this miniseries and push this Next Generation thing to its maximum limite, or a temporary change because of timeline alterations for whatever reason, and we would get to see the extrems and diferent designs of the Green Hornette & Katoette, sort of speak. Anyway, this Green Hornet in the art previews, he seems like a very lucky guy ;-)

                                I think they go out together for more than crime fighting, but don't tell anyone :-)
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