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Dark Horse doing At the Earth's Core

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  • Dark Horse doing At the Earth's Core


    I think I know why Dynamite haven't done Pellucidar:

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    Dark Horse does still have the official ERB license for comics, even though their only releases in the last couple of years have been reprints of Tarzan and Korak comics. Oddly enough, although Dark Horse recently reprinted Russ Manning's Tarzan and Korak comics done for Gold Key in the 1960s, they apparently passed on reprinting the Manning Tarzan newspaper strips, and IDW's Library of American Comics is releasing those in 3 volumes.

    Of course, none of this changes the public domain status of the earlier ERB novels in the U.S., so Dynamite could still do their own version, provided they avoid using any of ERB's trademarked titles. ERB wouldn't be happy about it, but it's legal. The graphic novel is a one-shot, so Dynamite could even do the sequels as a regular comic book title. Actually, it's no different than when Dynamite and Marvel were releasing competing comic book versions of John Carter concurrently. Despite Marvel's monolithic status as a publisher, I doubt their comics sold any better than Dynamite's, and wouldn't be surprised if they sold significantly less copies.

    Seems to me a big-budget film of either At the Earth's Core or The Land That Time Forgot would be a no-brainer to catch a little heat off the upcoming "Jurassic World" sequel.
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