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  • Shadow chronology

    Anyone else working on a chronology for the Dynamite Shadow comics? They're not coming out in chronological order, even within the main series.

    Here's the order I've got so far:
    Year One #1-8 - 1929-1930 (captions in #1)
    Special #1 - no specific time, before WWII
    #7-12 - early 1937 (caption on page 1 of #8, date reference in #12)
    #1-6 - March 1938 (references to Hitler invading Austria in a paper in #1, and the Rape of Nanking in #3)
    Masks #1-8 - September 1938 (headline in #1, plus that's when the original Black Police trilogy came out in the Spider pulps)

    Unless I see something different, I'm going to go with the current arc starting at #13 after Masks.

    I missed the annual, so I'm not sure about that.

    Even though #7 is stand alone, it is referenced in #8, so I'm going with the approach that all 6 Gishler issues go together.

    As for the date reference in #12, we have the bookie talking about the Giants playing the Pirates, a championship fight, and the final round of the U.S. Open. However, it doesn't mention if it's golf or tennis. Looking at sports schedules from 1937, then we'd have to fudge the dates a little and say it takes place sometime in June. (There is no date where all three events happen at the same time.)


    • The Shadow #14

      Issue #14 is out TODAY! Who got it? What did you think of it? Discuss The Shadow #14 here and let the world know your thoughts!
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      • Amazing issue! The altercation between The Shadow and the mysterious woman in white was epic and to see that she got her victim despite his room being heavily guarded by police leads me to believe that she's more than just a standard enemy. You know what's great? The Shadow has had two amazing female villains with The Black Sparrow in the previous arc and this mysterious woman in this arc, both Victor and Chris have really established some strong female counterparts to The Shadow and I think that's fantastic. I hope that we don't see this woman in white killed off for good, she would make a fun long-term villain for The Shadow if he doesn't main her in the next issue or two.

        I can't wait to see what comes next!


        • This was an awesome issue. clearly, we have a sophisticated and worthy villain for the Shadow. I like the way we are getting to see more of the Shadow's network involved. I am really intrigued with the villain's mysterious powers. The artwork was excellent. I enjoyed the early Shadow issues with him acting as a super spy, but I really like the return to the crime fighting in the city. Cant wait for #15. This title keeps getting stronger and stronger.




            Thanks in advance for the upcoming

            - THE SHADOW 1941: HITLER’S ASTROLOGER HARDCOVER (by O’Neil & Kaluta)

            also would love to have in Hardcover


            But instead collecting all 12 issues from 1973 to 1975, originally from DC

            All Covers ->

            And also


            Covers ->
            Covers ->

            based on the Shadow comic book series of the 1940's

            PS: I wouldn’t mind at all all the back stories as well

            I heard there was earlier comics in the 1930's in Newspaper comic strips format which would make a nice collection as well, if not just some of the same material as in the 1940's comic book series

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            • A little Shadow Old Time Radio bonus ->

              my favorites:

              Shadow 1937-09-26 Deathhouse Rescue (Orson Welles)
              Shadow 1937-10-17 Murder By The Dead
              Shadow 1937-10-24 The Temple Bells Of Neban
              Shadow 1937-10-31 The Three Ghosts
              Shadow 1937-11-28 Circle Of Death
              Shadow 1937-12-12 The Death Triangle
              Shadow 1938-01-09 League Of Terror
              Shadow 1938-01-16 Sabotage
              Shadow 1938-01-23 Society Of The Living Dead
              Shadow 1938-01-30 Poison Death
              Shadow 1938-02-20 Hounds In The Hills
              Shadow 1938-02-27 Plot Murder
              Shadow 1938-03-13 Silent Avenger
              Shadow 1938-03-20 White Legion
              Shadow 1938-04-17 The Blind Beggardies
              Shadow 1938-06-05 Hypnotized Audience
              Shadow 1938-06-12 Death From The Deep
              Shadow 1938-09-25 Traffic In Death
              Shadow 1938-10-09 Death Stalks The Shadow
              Shadow 1938-10-16 Night Without End
              Shadow 1938-12-18 Guest Of Death
              Shadow 1939-01-01 Man Who Murdered Time
              Shadow 1939-01-15 Ghosts Can Kill
              Shadow 1939-01-29 Prelude To Terror
              Shadow 1939-02-12 Hypnotic Death
              Shadow 1939-03-19 Can The Dead Talk
              Shadow 1939-10-01 Nightmar Auder
              Shadow 1940-02-04 Return Of Carnation Charlie
              Shadow 1940-10-27 The Mark Of The Black Widow
              Shadow 1940-11-24 The Green Man
              Shadow 1941-01-19 Shadow Challenged
              Shadow 1941-01-26 Ghost Of Caleb Mackenzie
              Shadow 1941-03-23 Death Prowls At Night
              Shadow 1945-01-21 Out Of This World
              Shadow 1945-11-11 Spider Boy
              Shadow 1946-03-10 A Ghost Without A Face
              Shadow 1947-05-11 Shadow's Revenge
              Shadow 1947-06-08 Air Freight Fracas
              Shadow 1947-09-21 The Face
              Shadow 1947-11-23 Comic Strip Killer
              Shadow 1948-01-04 Chill Of Death
              Shadow 1948-01-18 Death And The Black Fedora
              Shadow 1948-02-22 The Nursery Rhyme Murders
              Shadow 1964 The Computer Calculates But The Shadow Knows (The Official Adventures Of THe Shadow LP)

              If you can find them all
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              • another solid issue. like others have said, i'm impressed with this villain.


                • I had "The Computer Calculates" and really enjoyed it. I wish I still had it, wastn't there a second story? Air Freight something? Also the 2 Green Hornet radio type shows. I have noisy copies of the GH shows on cassette and would like to upgrade.
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                  • Originally posted by Ghornet2 View Post
                    I had "The Computer Calculates" and really enjoyed it. I wish I still had it, wastn't there a second story? Air Freight something? Also the 2 Green Hornet radio type shows. I have noisy copies of the GH shows on cassette and would like to upgrade.

                    The Shadow - Air Freight Fracas (original air date, unless I'm mistaking, wasn't there :-) 1947-06-08)


                    The Computer Calculates (originally a 1964 LP 33 RPM record, and re-released in the 70's) at the bottom of this page


                    My collection is far from complete, but more than 2.5 gb of old time radio episodes of all sorts is a lot already

                    My only regret, not having found complete old time radio episodes of french Canadian classics like "Un Homme Et Son Peche 1939-1949" (2002 movie adaptation "Séraphin: Heart of Stone" not to mention long time running french TV series), but only a few fragments I assembled together posted on my Old Time Radio site
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                    • The Light is amazing, she's such a great adversary for The Shadow and Roberson is really capitolizing on strong female villains following Gischlers awesome Sparrow character. Amazing battles, amazing art, amazing story, and stellar development.


                      • Loving this latest run, amazing stuff. Love the vibe of the characters and the world they live in.


                        • Reprint beauty of the 1930's and '40's !!!

                          Reprinting some of those early strips like the one above would be really "cool".
                          Some of the early art on The Shadow, Flash Gordon, The Phantom, and Mandrake were soooo beautiful.
                          Some of the stuff turned out more recently ..... not so much.

                          I would loved to see some of those strips in the comics.


                          • The Shadow #15 = wow!

                            What an ending with Margo in danger of being struck down by The Light, I've got to wonder if The Shadow is going to make it back in time seeing as how he's cleaning up business on the other side of town in epic form. This issue was simply amazing and this is the creative team I want to see stay on the book for the long haul, everything is melding well together and the art and story are phenomenal, keep pumping them out Dynamite because you've got a fantastic book here.

                            I love the epic scene in this issue when The Shadow puts out the lights and starts laughing and appears out of nowhere, stuff like this tingles my spine every time and makes this book something really special. Just awesome!


                            • Cliff hanger at it's best. The best part is knowing Margo will be saved, but not knowing how...there's the kicker.


                              • Margo will no doubt be saved, but how? And by who? All in all The Shadow #15 was a thrillride and told a wonderful story with art that is some of the best going today in my opinion, this book is aces all around and one hell of a pulp title. The Shadow will most likely bust those dudes up and make it back on time to save Margo, that's my prediction on the ending of #15.