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    The Black Bat: Then and Now

    By the way, is this version of Black Bat in the present ever going to encounter evidence that there was a Black Bat in the 1930s (the one in Masks), or is the version in the past more of an alternate Earth / "Imaginary Story" type of deal?


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      I suspect the latter, if we can base ourselves on the Green Hornet treatment.

      In fact, I'd like to see the late 30's Bat get some solo exposure after Masks.


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        Black Bat #2, Miss Fury #3, and The Spider #12!

        Did you guys get them? If so, what did you think? Let's get some discussion going on these three books!
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          Man, The Black Bat is so damn engaging. Its the perfect mix of action, violence, story, and intrigue, Brian is really crafting quite the tale here! I've yet to read Miss Fury yet but I should get into it tonight, if time allows.

          I read The Spider too fast today and need to go back and re-read it to get the full flavor, lots of real word crap getting in my way today unfortunately.


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            I friggin' LOVED Black Bat.

            That is all.


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              Actually, not quite all.

              You know how some sports leagues have a "most improved" award? Ronan Cliquet, you da man. I don't know if he's improved that much of just has a book that is more suited to him, but I find him terrific on this book.


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                The Black Bat #2 was even better than issue #1! He's so unforgiving and some of the stuff he did in issue #2 was downright awesome, my only complaint is that issue #3 is so far away!


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                  Well, The Spider showed up what happens when you screw with Nita, he fed that crooked cop a bullet for his troubles and showed that he has absolutely NO mercy. You got to love it. The Spider #12 was a fun issue, we got to see some trickery with Wentworth having Singh pose as him while he posed as the police chief and we got to see some violent action to top it all off, what a fun ride.

                  I felt like Black Bat #2 was very cinematic with its heavy explosions and the way Ronin penciled some of the scenes, it was a wonderful issue and The Black Bat is really making his name known as a serious pulp contender.


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                    I liked Black Bat #2, loved the suicide theme going in this issue it hit home be cause I had a friend kill himself because he was deaf. So close to this book, he jumped off of a balcony in NY. Miss Fury #3 was eh I wasn't the biggest fan. I loved how the spider killed the law bringer attthe end. It was epic and has got revenger for nita getting slapped by law bringer.


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                      Miss Fury #3 was boss. Except for the a gigantic spelling error on a splash page.

                      I love time travel stories and MF really does it well, way better then Marvel's Age of Ultron.

                      My LCS didn't get any copies of Spider #13, so my sub begins at #14. Hope it's not too late.


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                        Spelling error? On which page?

                        The Spider #13 isn't on sale yet, issue #12 only shipped this past week, so you've not missed it yet!


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                          Yeah. we're talking about issue #12, the OP posted issue #13 by accident. Anyhow, The Spider was sweet and I'm glad to see that he took out the Lawgiver in cold blood as a revenge act for him slapping nita, that scene was the perfect way to end the issue. Great story and art as per usual. The Black Bat number 2 was a thriller too, touching upon the suicide really brought more depth to the character and made me feel for him as a human, this issue really did that well.


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                            Originally posted by Simon Bowland View Post
                            Spelling error? On which page?

                            The Spider #13 isn't on sale yet, issue #12 only shipped this past week, so you've not missed it yet!
                            Not gonna tell you Simon, so it can drive you crazy! Muwhahahaha!

                            There is a panel where she say "Godammit", there are two "d"s in Goddammit.


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                              Just wanted to mention something about Black Bat #2 that I kind of overlooked until the second read-through last night. Lot's of people here at the Dynamite forums seem touched that they dabbled into a suicide angle with The Black Bat, something I felt really made the reader reach out and feel for him and the decision he had made at that time. Very well done. I hope more instances come about that make the readers care for the man and not the hero in the future, it's a nice touch and brings some "relation" to the book and lets us in on who the man behind the mask is. Really amazing stuff here!

                              Keep. It. Up. #Happyfan.


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                                Lots of people seem to be giving up on Miss Fury, but not me, its been wildly entertaining thus far and is going to get even better as it goes. As for The Spider, well.....what a way to end the issue! Finally that asshat of a cop is dead and we get to see The Spider is his coldest form, it was remarkable

                                Black Bat, just wow. Brian is doing a remarkable job writing this character and this series has quickly become my #1 pulp title, and I've got to say that Ronan's art has improved 10 fold and he's doing a wonderful job. Great work!