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who else is publishing these pulp heroes currently?

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    Originally posted by pulphero View Post
    Ron Fortier already assembled a couple of volumes of a prose anthology of new Black Bat stories called Black Bat Mystery.
    Read the first one and got a kick out of it. The stories were pretty fun.

    At the time, I had only read the first few original Bat stories (from the volume 1 of the omnibus published by altus, as you 've probably guessed) so it seemed as though some of the antagonists in BBM were a little more flamboyant than I would have expected (more "super-villainy") but having since read volume two from Altus, maybe they weren't that far off the mark, since Black Bat deals with voodoo and such in those original stories.

    I ordered the second Black Bat Mystery book about a week ago and hope to have it soon.

    You're probably aware of the Pulp comics by Redbud studios too, which include Green Lama, Black Bat, I think Secret Agent X, and so on. A little pricey to order from Indyplanet but I'll probably take the plunge before too long. Again, the talent involved seems reliable.
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      Originally posted by pulphero View Post
      Then there's 3 must-reads for you: 1 pseudo-pulp, 1 Golden Agers 'suspended animation' story, and 1 WWII prequel to Marvels. I kinda figured the last one as not flying below the radar of anyone remotely interested in Golden Age superheroes, since it was kind of the high-profile centerpiece of Marvel's 70th Anniversary. I nearly didn't mention it.
      Bought the The Marvels Project in tpb a while back and enjoyed it. Passing on The 12 because I think JMS is a terrible writer who maybe gets an occasional "Hallmark card" moment, but is otherwise flat and uninteresting (and seems to have a limited attention span when it comes to sticking with long-term projects he commits to).
      Still toying with the idea of getting Mystery Men in tpb, but there are other priorities (and limited $'s).


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        Originally posted by pulphero View Post
        Originally posted by MajorHoy View Post
        I just picked up issues #1 and #2 of Get the Lobster this afternoon when I did my comic book run . . . I'm curious to see how well they read.

        This isn't a bad place to start reading the Lobster, actually. Nothing was revealed in previous series regarding the character's true identity or origins, and the running subplot here is that a female investigative reporter is trying to dredge up information about the Lobster's past (not sure if that will result in any concrete findings, or just open-ended 'possibles').
        Read and liked #1 & #2 enough to go and find #3 and #4 next time I visit a comic book shop . . . will also go back and re-read my issues of Hellboy: Seed of Destruction #1 - #4 which I bought back in '94.

        (Do you think we might eventually need a separate thread on the whole Mignolaverse stuff here?)


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          By the way, has anybody here tried Angel City from Oni Press?

          It's a six-issue series that's up to issue #4 so far. I haven't seen it in any of the shops I've been to, but it looks interesting if you're into the era of the 1930s.

          Here's the link to issue #1 on Previewsworld:

          I'll probably wait to see if/when it gets collected in to a tpb at this point.


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            Since it hasn't been mentioned here (and I just discovered its existence myself), let me add THE CHIMERA BRIGADE, published by Titan Comics. This is a translation of a comic which originally appeared in the French language, and plays as somewhere between MASKS and Alan Moore's LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN, with the pulp heroes making up the cast mostly having European roots (although there are some cameos from the Americans, handled in somewhat the same manner as THE ROCKETEER did, in order to avoid any copyright infringements). Since the whole premise is a little complex to explain, I'll merely direct you to a much more detailed explanation here:


            Titan originally printed these as 3 hardcover graphic albums of 48 pages each, but didn't complete the series. They relaunched the series again as a floppy comic in October 2016 (reprinting the story from the beginning), and the TP collection of the first four single issues from 2016-17 is scheduled to ship at the end of March 2017.
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