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New Lone Ranger series

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  • New Lone Ranger series

    Written by Justin Gray, art by Rey Villegas, with John Cassaday and Marc Laming on covers.

    Can't wait to see the Cassaday covers.

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    Glad to read the series will continue....


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      Huh. Straight from Jonah Hex to the Lone Ranger.


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        I'm on board for this! Is it an ongoing series.


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          I wonder if this means that the long-running writing partnership of Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray is broken up, just like the long-running writing partnership of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning recently dissolved and they went their separate ways. I can't recall any other solo writing credits for Justin Gray, but he's obviously a specialist in the Western genre. In addition to co-writing the long-running Jonah Hex and All Star Western for DC, he's also written westerns for Image and Marvel. Now he'll be adding Dynamite to his Western resume.

          Rey Villegas obviously likes Westerns, too. He drew the Lady Rawhide miniseries for DE, and is currently drawing Lady Zorro. (For some reason, this just made me think of the bizarre spinoff concept "Lady Ranger".)

          Dynamite should think about hiring Joe Lansdale and Tim Truman to do another Lone Ranger series for them (they did the miniseries published by Topps Comics in the 1990s). And these two guys are largely responsible for giving the long-dormant genre of the comic book western a boot in the ass, by teaming up to do Vertigo's version of Jonah Hex in the 1990s, and "spurring" subsequent attempts at reviving westerns. They'd probably be fairly easy to get, since they both love Westerns, and who else besides DE is publishing any these days? If nothing else, they should at least get Tim Truman to do some covers.
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