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Pulp serial channel for free on Roku!!

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  • Pulp serial channel for free on Roku!!

    This has been a rough week (partner in hospital) but I not only found a John Carter collection (see the Mars thread), but... well, we don't have cable. We have a wee box called Roku that lets us access a bunch of channels for free, and our paid subscriptions to Netflix and Hulu also.

    I just found a new channel there:

    "Cape Television."

    It's got... a whole BUNCH of classic pulp character serials of interest to folks here.

    Like the old Batman serials I have NEVER seen, the Captain Marvel one I saw part of once, Tarzan, Captain America, Green Hornet, etc., as well as radio serials for a bunch of relevant characters.

    Figured people here would like to know.

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    All that public domain stuff has been out there on the internets for a while (you can watch some of the serials on YouTube, others on other free streaming video sites), and of course much of the PD material has been released over the years both on VHS and DVD. I did crack a big smile when I read the serials described as "Original television broadcasts from the 1940s". I've been downloading MP3s of the old time radio shows off the web for free for years now.

    It was probably inevitable that someone would put it all together on one "channel". This is something that it occurred to me a while ago that someone would eventually do, although I was sort of imagining the public domain stuff (1930s-50s) would be more of a backup to fill up air time, to someone like Warner or Disney's proprietary library of older (pre-2000s) cartoons, TV shows, and movies.

    The really interesting thing here to me is the apparently ONE original program, "Behind the Drafting Table" (7 episodes), described as " a behind-the-scenes look at and discussions with some of your favorite action hero writers, animators, and illustrators". You'll have to check that one out and let us know if it's any good.

    Hope your partner is feeling better and it's nothing serious.
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      Yes, but I did not know they were on YouTube--and we only got YouTube available on Roku recently as well, so we couldn't have seen it except on a computer rather than the TV.

      Not sure I am interested in the Drafting Table show, honestly.

      Partner is home and in theory should recuperate fast from the latest diabetic leg issue.