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    This was actually a mash-up from Super-Team Family . . . The Lost Issues!, but now that Dynamite has The Spirit, it would be cool if this could become a reality.

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    Doc Savage Vs The Spider (a hero that does not kill meets the hero that kills)
    The Spider hunting down the criminal called the Green Hornet (it would have to be prior or in a different continuity than Masks)
    Jungle Lord meets the Phantom (it seems Hermes mini is giving us this one unofficially)
    Flash Gordon meets Buck Rogers (DE might have missed this opportunity when they had both)
    Warlord of Mars meets Dr. Who against the Ice Warriors of Mars
    Warlord of Mars meets the Manhunter from Mars
    The Phantom meets the Batman (DC missed this opportunity)
    John Carter: Warlord of Mars meets Killraven: Warrior of Worlds
    Jungle Lord meets Turok: Dinosaur Hunter
    Mandrake the Magician meets Vampirella
    Jungle Lord meets Magnus: Robot Fighter (shame Russ Manning is not still alive)
    Mandrake the Magician looks through the Occult Files of Dr. Spektor
    Dr. Spektor meets Vampirella
    Lone Ranger/Sgt. Preston/Green Hornet generational crossover (all three created for radio by George Trendle)
    The Spirit/The Phantom/The Shadow
    Bionic Man/Bionic Woman meet the Terminator or Robocop
    Bionic Man/Bionic Woman meet Magnus Robot Fighter
    Jungle Jim meets Turok Dinosaur Hunter
    Miss Fury meets Catwoman
    Miss Fury meets Black Widow
    The Spider meets the Punisher
    Doc Savage meets the Fantastic Four
    Doc Savage meets Iron Man
    Sherlock Holmes vs Fu Manchu (there was a book about that meeting--maybe a sequel or adaption can be done?)
    Fu Manchu vs Charlie Chan --DE does not lease either of these yet-- fictional Chinese hero detective vs fictional Chinese villain
    Charlie Chan and Mr. Moto--DE does not lease either of these yet
    John Carter meets other ERB cosmic heroes (from ERB's Venus, Moon, Beyond the Farthest Star, etc.)
    Red Sonja meets Claw the Unconquered again (maybe to tie up the cliffhanger from Wildstorm's Claw series)
    Mandrake meets Zatanna or Zatara
    Justice Inc meets Masks meets King's Watch meets the Gold Key adventurers


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      How about Bionic Woman meets James Bond. Thats something that could easily happen soon as DE now has both.

      Lone Ranger meets historical wild west characters ie Annie Oakley (her sharp shooting skills were virtually in the super human class).
      Would the Lone Ranger be around during the Sherlock Holmes time frame? That would be interesting.

      HG Wells' War of the Worlds - with John Carter on Mars and Sherlock Holmes on Earth -Wade Wellman wrote Sherlock Holmes's war of the worlds back in the 1970's excellent book.

      Could the Invisible Man pop up in the 1970's Six Million Dollar man?

      I realize the rights to the following are all over the place but how about the ultimate underwater TV adventure:

      Seahunt , Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and The Man from Atlantis
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        Red Sonja and Wonder Woman
        Vampirella and Constantine
        Dr. Who/UNIT and Stargate SG1
        Steampunk Green Hornet meets Sherlock Holmes
        Steampunk Starbuck of Classic Battlestar Galatica tries to charm Steampunk Red Sonja
        Steampunk Green Hornet hunted by Steampunk Phantom
        Vampirella hunted by Buffy the Vampire Slayer
        Flash Gordon vs Aliens
        The Phantom or Lothar or Jungle Jim hunted by the Predator
        Black Bat meets Daredevil--but I can not see that (sorry bad taste)
        Black Bat meets Batman (did they both publish at the same time pulps and comics respectfully out of some gentleman's agreement?)
        Red Sonja meets the Warlord (maybe get Mike Grell involved)
        Red Sonja meets Amethyst vs some blue menace/threat--color me a joke
        Voltron vs Godzilla
        Voltron meets the Starblazers
        Sherlock Holmes meets Detective Conan of Case Closed
        Bionic Man meets DC's Cyborg
        Prince Lothar meets the Black Panther
        Modern day Doc Savage discovers the science behind Silver Star
        Flash Gordon meets Captain Victory & the Galaxy Rangers
        Mandrake meets Kirby's Satan Six
        Flash Gordon meets Kirby's Galactic Bounty Hunters

        I like the idea of James Bond and the Bionic Woman--now there is a Bond girl that James needs to be careful about
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          These team ups/meetings can be desired but there is a reality to these ideas. Companies may lose the license of characters and gain licenses of other characters. DE had BOTH Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers but lost Rogers to Hermes Press--missed opportunity unless DE and Hermes team up to co-publish a team up (might not be worth the payout as both characters are not as popular as they used to be). Also, under different licensing agreements there might be restrictions and approvals to be made prior.

          IDW gave me the dream team up of Dr. Who/Star Trek crossover (I waited for decades for that crossover--at least they gave me for one issue in the miniseries a team up of Tom Baker's Doctor and Kirk/Spock/Bones) but the disappointing part was that there was a team up of the Cybermen and the Borg and great effort went to showing how similar the two franchises were than to celebrate the differences of the two franchises. AND under the category of missed opportunities, before IDW lost the Dr. Who license, there could have been a story where the TARDIS lands in MegaCityOne (IDW was publishing Judge Dredd at the same time as Dr. Who (the two greatest British comic book icons--Dr. Who's comic has been around as long as the tv series). I could imagine Dredd writing up the Doctor for illegally parking the TARDIS. IDW and DC gave an unexpected Star Trek/LSH crossover and is currently making a Star Trek/Planet of the Apes crossover.

          DE and Dark Horse are giving us a Conan/Red Sonja soon! I look forward to it. DC and DE just gave us the Batman 66 and the Green Hornet. I say let's keep this going as there are more interesting concepts to be had. I just caution the writing of the crossover not to get too cliched in plotting.

          Maybe the Lone Ranger can track down those scoundrels Bart and Brett Maverick?
          Better yet--How about a Lone Ranger/Red Ryder graphic novel to be released around the holiday season (maybe a advertisement on the TBS' 24 hours of a Christmas Story)? Little Beaver meets a heroic adult Native American in Tonto (different tribal nations).

          G-8 & his Battle Aces vs Enemy Ace
          G-8 meets the Spider (both published by Argosy)

          How about a sequel team up of Rocketeer and Justice Inc. (Doc Savage and the Shadow both met Cliff)? IDW and DC copublished a Spirit/Rocketeer team up.

          Team ups/meetings can be fun but there needs to be an effort to tell good stories than resort to cliched comparison stories.


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            Originally posted by Blinky McQuade View Post
            . . . Flash Gordon meets Buck Rogers (DE might have missed this opportunity when they had both) . . .
            For this and many other suggestions, you're missing a key point when you say "when they had both".

            Yes, Dynamite may be creating / publishing new material with these characters, but many times Dynamite doesn't OWN the characters. There are many that are licensed properties, such as Flash Gordon. When you license the rights to use a character, there can also be restrictions on how they can be used, including appearing in the same story with characters licensed from other companies. If you had licenses to maybe make a Wonder Woman movie and maybe make a Brenda Starr movie, those licenses probably would not allow you to make a porno lesbian movie with the two characters.


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              Dynamite Chaos universe meeting the new Lady Death universe?

              Seems inevitable.


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                Beavis & Butthead meet Red Sonja...

                Heh heh heh..


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                  Teen Titans VS. G-Force (aka Science Ninja Team Gatchaman / Battle of the Planets) (circa 1970s).

                  Jonah Hex/The Man With No Name/Django
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                    Tarzan/The Phantom
                    Dark Shadows/Kolchak
                    Doc Savage/Bionic Man
                    John Carter/Flash Gordon
                    Zorro/The Phantom


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                      Transformers/Magnus Robot Fighter
                      Tarzan/Black Panther
                      Vampirella/Purgatori/Chastity (I still think that these characters can share a universe.)


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                        The Shadow/The Scorpion by Howard Chaykin

                        Red Sonja/Wulf the Barbarian

                        Green Hornet/Lone Ranger


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                          Originally posted by PulpCrazy View Post
                          The Shadow/The Scorpion
                          sounds good to me
                          Originally posted by PulpCrazy View Post
                          by Howard Chaykin
                          up until then.


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                            This is coming in March:
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                              This is coming in March as well.

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