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  • The Zorro Omnibus

    Now I know this is going to sound like a very noob question and I apologize for this and if it breaks any rules here but I've got a question regarding the Zorro omnibus:

    Has the Zorro omnibus been delayed again?

    I ask because on amazon it said it would come out on July 7th and while the date hasn't changed yet, it's still the same, the site is now listing it as a pre-order even though the first pre-order phase was over and for a time you could of purchased it before going back to a second pre-order phase.

    Appreciate the help provided by anyone here. Thanks

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    I can find a listing on one site ( for a paperback version that's suppose to be published in late October. I can't even find a listing for it on, though.

    Sorry I can't tell you more.


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      Ah. Well thanks anyway and at least that gives me an idea what the new release date is going to be.

      I really want to read those and I'd like to do it all in one book. But again, thanks