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Green Hornet: Any word of what / when next?

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  • Green Hornet: Any word of what / when next?

    Well, we've got two more issues of Masks 2 left (issue #7 is due out October 7th), but when that's done, are there any other comic books featuring Green Hornet and/or Kato on the horizon?

    (By the way, we also have the last issue of Swords of Sorrow in October where the modern-day female Kato is one of many ladies featured.)

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    I think all the major conventions where they'd use the occasion to release a bit of news like that are past, so it doesn't look like it. That doesn't mean they couldn't mention something next month, though. I guess Mark Waid's GH didn't exactly sell great (and neither did his Justice Inc./The Avenger), so GH is probably retired for a bit like Lone Ranger and The Spider. Actually, I was surprised to see another Doc Savage mini, as I didn't think the first one sold all that well, either. The Shadow seems to be the only pulp character that sells well enough for DE to keep going.
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      I would love to read a Green Hornet Year 2 series, or perhaps a continuation of The Green Hornet Strikes.