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nickname for the death defyin'devil

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  • nickname for the death defyin'devil

    since "DD"is considered a nickname for marvels daredevil what should the death defyin' devils nickname be here are three options
    the devil
    what do the fans think?
    the devil
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    I voted both TRIPLE-D & DEVIL, both of those are great as short; but like DC's original CAPTAIN MARVEL and the power of Shazam, not having the title right does not mean the original DAREDEVIL has to hide under a rock and not be also called by his original name inside the pages of Superpowers or his own solo comics. Title rights and character name rights are two different things, and Dynamite should have their lawyers check into that. Just for fun I would use a phase like this in Project S, with an other addressing Triple-D

    "you really are one crazy daredevil"

    not used as a proper name if not possible, but more as adjective and qualification for doing crazy stunts to get the job done

    I would also look at the legality of using a solo title like


    Otherwise is the middle of heated action I like others if they would shortly refer to the original man without fear just as DEVIL like in issue #0

    PS: I would love a collected edition hardcover of old Daredevil comics reprint

    maybe not the whole series from 1941 to 1956 with all 131 issues, but at lease a few volumes worth, from the start, character based or issues in whole like golden age Marvel Masterworks which I would prefer for this series, if not in one big fat hardcover omnibus, standard size. Dark Horse is taking care of the Green Lama golden age reprints, but an original Daredevil Archives collection is up for anybody to grab that opportunity. I would much favor separate hardcover archives DAREDEVIL COMICS book releases, than an all mixed Project S related characters mixed up stories release

    - GREEN LAMA is getting his own
    - DAREDEVIL COMICS should have his own
    - BLACK TERROR starting with his first appearances starting in issue #9 of "Exciting Comics" and continuing with the "Black Terror" series
    - FIGHTING YANK starting in "Startling Comics" issue #10 and later his own series "The Fighting Yank"

    Links: (WARNING periodic data transfer limitation)

    Daredevil Comics (1941)

    Exciting Comics (Black Terror, 1940)
    Black Terror (1942)

    Startling Comics (1940)
    The Fighting Yank (1942)

    Startling Comics would be one interesting rich in characters series to do in whole issues or BEST OF archives volumes, is has so many heroes in there, it would be one real rich golden age collection, with Captain Future, Dr. X, G-Man Dalton, Mystico, Scoop Langdon, Masked Rider, Detective Sgt. Burke, Fighting Yank, Ace Buckley, Biff Powers, Pyroman, Four Comrades, Don Davis, Space Detective Featuring Lance Lewis, Tygra, Jefferson Jones
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