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    Is this just another way of one company going after a smaller one? Starting to look like every time a company comes up with a good idea the bigger one jumps on the band wagon and wants to, I don't know, take the idea, and some of the excitement off of the smaller one. Is it just a coincident that The Twelve is coming out now? Look we can do it too.


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    I picked up issue # 0 of the Twelve just to see what it was about. After reading the character bio's I just found them boring and very similiar to each other.I was more interested in Superpowers because I've seen and heard of the Black Terror and some of the other Nedor characters.These Marvel characters were lost for years for a reason. J Micheal Strazyznski is a good writer but he's wasting his talents on this book. I'd be really shocked if it sold better than Superpowers. or at all.


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      I bought this related Daring Mystery Comics golden age Marvel Masterworks volume 1 hardcover and I like it very much, and hope for a second volume and a lot more golden age hardcover reprints, and I certainly love some of JMS' work too like is latest Silver Surfer: Requiem, not to mention his work on Babylon 5; And I'll give it a shot once all is collected in hardcover and if Queezada dot turn every characters into mindless clowns or whatever usual cheap shock value gimmick of the day.
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