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  • Anyone else seen this?

    Found this yesterday while goofing about (and this is not some sort of shameless plug). Looks kinda cool. At the very least there are a ton of covers I've never seen before.

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    Cool website


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      I thought so too. I'd never seen some of those covers before ... and I think the use of them here is kind of interesting.


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        Interesting ideas, but nothing that you couldn't make yourself with the right equipment, plus CafePress has ridiculous prices. £10 for a Mousemat? Ha, ha, no thank you.


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          Kool site... kool covers!!

          I wished we could get all "relevant" covers to the SuperPowers heroes in some format that would be fun to just turn the pages and enjoy the covers.
          I would like to see almost a comic book of covers ... the size of the comic page... not the size of postage stamps... but all the covers of comics that the SP heroes appeared in.

          Yea, ... then, -- next--- reprints of many of their best adventures in a relatively inexpensive format... in color.

          That's a fun site to visit... to see those covers. Thanks for sharing.

          Oh, I'm seriously thinking about buying that Four Favorites #4 cover on a sketchbook!!!

          I've always liked the Four Favorites... and I really hope for their return.
          Seems like somebody's captured them... all 8 of the Four Favorites... and plans to manipulate them for their own purpose.
          I hope they escape... get their "act" together... and become one of the Greatest Teams in Comics.
          Magno... was always a great leader.
          And Lash Lightning... I thought... was Magno's right-hand man.
          The others, I thought, were great co-stars...

          I really do hope for their return as a Super-Hero Group!!
          First, ...maybe as a four issue limited series... then, if enough fans agree ... their own on-going series.
          The day SUPER-MYSTERYMEN #1 comes out... will be a really happy day for me!!
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