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Black Terror #1 Ship Date??

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  • Black Terror #1 Ship Date??

    I know this topic is kind of being discussed in one of the other threads, but I'd just like to get a "final answer" on this.

    Did Black Terror #1 arrive in comic shops on November 5?
    Was there a shipping error, a delay, or other problem?

    I've seen a few posts that say "My LCS said that they got it", but none of the comic shops in the entire metropolitan area of the city I live in received it (and none of the stores out in the suburbs got it either). I had one shop tell me that they had it, but when I went to buy it, turned out they were talking about Chapter 2 Prelude

    So, what's the deal?

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    I'd like definitive word as well. I thnk the one shop mentioned is an internet shop and they list it for next week. The couple of people who seem to have it got it directly through Dynamite itself.
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      It definitely shipped for a Nov 5th release, it's in stores but not all stores by the looks of it. Probably some kind of distribution problem with Diamond.


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        It wasn't in my shop this week (nov 5th). They said it was on the ship list for next week. I didn't see it on Diamond's ship list even though Dynamite said it was shipping.


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          In my area I know of 2 shops that had it for sale. One was a part of a chain of comic shops so I'm betting that if they had it all the stores had it. The other is the biggest store in the state for comics, so it must have shipped but had distribution problems maybe?
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