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The official 1st Appearence/Death/Major event thread.

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  • The official 1st Appearence/Death/Major event thread.

    I am going to make this thread in an attempt to keep track of major milestones in the PSU universe, it's not going to be a thread open to post in, it's just going to be a reference thread where people can check up on first appearences, deaths, joinings/departures, identity changes, returns and other major milestones happening within the PSU comics. These notations are for Dynamite Entertainment's version of the characters only and do not have any reference to whats going on in other books by other companies and have no relevance to the golden age versions of these characters. Also, the "First Appearences" are for PS appearences only and do not refer to "flashbacks" such as the flashback page from volume 1/issue #0....

    Project Superpowers: v1#0-First Appearence: Fighting Yank, American Spirit.
    Project Superpowers: v1#1First Appearence: Green Lama, Black Terror, Dynamic Man, Dynamic Woman.
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