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    Hello Superfans! Like many of you, I've been absolutely blown away by the Project Superpowers book. I've really been enjoying my monthly dose of characters who aren't fighting 60+ years of bad continuity. I've loved it so much, in fact, that I've actually begun work on a Project Superpowers mod for that greatest superhero game of all time, Freedom Force Vs. The Third Reich! I've released the first episode (3 missions) of it, and you can now battle your way through half of the first volume of PS.

    If you're interested, you can find it here:

    This is just fan art. If the Project Superpowers team ever puts out a game, I'll be the first in line to buy it. In the meantime, please enjoy my own humble efforts.

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    Very cool man, welcome to the forums!
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      Thanks! I'm glad to see that there are other PS fans out there. Sometimes it seems like I'm the only one reading these books.


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        I created versions for heroscape though i never got to use them. The group I played with broke up 1 moved 2 had majot schedule change).
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          Cool. I own and still love the Freedom Force games; I look forwrd to trying out this mod.


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            Please do, and let me know what you think! I'm beginning work on the second episode shortly. The artist that I'm working with is finish up the Police Corps., and then I think I'll have just about all of the art assets I need.


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              Well, just a heads up for any of you who tried out the first episode of this mod, episode II is nearly done. Two of the three missions are finished, and I'm just waiting on some art assets to finish the third. It could still be a while, as this summer is pretty busy, but progress is being made! I hope you'll look forward to defending Shangri-La from the marauding Crusaders and fighting that desperate battle in the sands of the Middle East!


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                Well, because of some pretty tough real life stuff, I haven't been able to release episode II yet. However, it's very close to being done, and I'm still working on it. For anyone who's interested, look to see Vol. 1 completed early in the new year!