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  • Black Terror #10

    This issue came out this Wednesday and I read it tonight. Decent issue overall I like that Phillip Hestor is going the team route for this new storyline, and he has a great feel for the characters and their powers. My only qwip is with some of the art, on a few pages there are cartoonish faces that don't seem to fit in with the more detailed faces and poses elsewhere but the layout is very strong and dynamic.I really liked Lao (his work on Kevin Smith's GH is great) but Wagner is a decent replacement. I hope to see more characters appear, and the villian is interesting if not a bit predictable.I wonder if Dynamite could get Hester to do some covers...
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    Read it a little earlier. A good issue which moves the story along nicely.

    I enjoyed the dialogue prior to the fire, when Terror was showing off his new ride. Nice batner between old friends.

    I'm perfectly happy with Wagner doing the art.


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      There is so much good about this issue. For example, the fact that Masquerade is socializing with Black Terror despite what he did to her in #6. But that fits my theory that the Urn Heroes feel a familial bond to each other. They may get angry at each other periodically, but they will forgive because, in a real, sense, all they have in this world is each other. All their other lives are long dead.

      But what I really love about this episode is that it highlights the new paradigm that DE is trying to establish in the PSP universe. Namely that the bad guys are the established world order--and that is what Green Lama and his group are challenging. What do I mean? Magi's comment to the shaman--yeah, there is a reference that he is being pressured to make the ghosts (or whatever) because the Supremacy is holding his granddaughter, but the Magi also mentions that the Supremacy has arranged for (1) stopping rebel armies in the shaman's country (2) providing six new hospitals for the shaman's people and (3) shipment of hundreds of tons of food to refugee camps. Those are all good acts, helping people, relieving suffering--all done by the bad guys. This is the sort of thing that makes sense of the Lama's group being referred to as "terrorists" for resisting the Supremacy.

      And, really, we haven't talked much in these forums (fora?) about that bit of scripting. DE had the courage, in the current political climate, to have the heroes of its series branded as terrorists by the American government! I can think of several far-right-wing political conservatives who would call for the wholesale execution of everybody involved with DE for suggesting that the American government might have improper reasons for labeling people as terrorists!


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        Another strong issue; I enjoyed everything throughout art, plot and dialogue and the cast used.

        I hope we see some more of American Crusader in the pages of Black Terror soon; it was nice seeing Masquerade and Pyroman, but with the build-up I think the new American Crusader needs more exposure soon.


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          This issue was great, the guy they have drawing it is doing a great job and I can't wait to see where this series is going after chapter 2 of Superpowers is al lsaid and done.


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            This issue was pretty good, Black Terror (new) vs Black Terror (classic) will be really fun, the beginning of it was fantastic! The start of the issue was kind of funny with Terror naming his ship and Pyroman acting the way he was, but once they got the the fire it began to lag and become confusing to me, not my cup of tea as far as the storyline behind that goes I suppose. Still, the issue was pretty enjoyable with some nice fight scenes and it served as a good lead in for the next issue, I hope the new Terror mops the floor with the old school Terror!
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