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Project Superpowers #11 (spoilers)

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  • Project Superpowers #11 (spoilers)

    I just got this issue in the mail, holy cow is there a lot going on in our little universe!!! We get to see The Claw in action, The Zues battle rages on and in high impact style, they delve even deeper into the DDD mystery and much much more all wrapped into an action packed issue! Seriously guys, it's possibly the best issue of the arc so far and totally worth checking it out, this is a "game changer" in my opinion.
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    I read it back on Wednesday. I agree it is a major issue for the story arc. And the DDD reveal makes me now really want an ongoing DDD series.

    I won't say anymore for the moment to give the rest of you a chance to read it. It would be a true shame to spoil anybody's enjoyment of this issue.


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      I quite like how they work in personal moments with all the action. Dynamic Man listening in on Kitten is one example.

      I'm not sure I like the changes to DDD. I'll let them wrap it up before I judge that. The living costume thing I'm fine with but I'm not digging the new look.

      I'm going to over the mini again to see what hints had been dropped.


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        I agree with most of the assessments here: the small moments (like Dynamic Man eavesdropping on Kitten) were great, and the reveal with 'Devil was cool. But, as also mentioned, not too keen on the new costume with the horns or whatever on it. The false teeth scene was surreal to the point of being funny and almost taking me out of the issue. Still, Terror's "Holy crap" comment was pretty much what I thought when I saw the page -- so I chuckled when I read what he said. I especially loved how Zeus was dealt with.

        A good read -- can't wait to see how things conclude.


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          Best issue of the series. I really enjoyed it. I too am hoping that the changes to the DDD costume are NOT permanent. The original had a classic look that shouldn't be "updated".


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            I am assuming the costume change is temporary to deal with the Claw in some fashion. I also wonder if the blood tribute that was discussed will somehow play a part. Otherwise it was a very odd thing to just throw in for fun.

            But then the teeth scene was a very odd thing to throw in just for fun...

            Shifting gears, does this issue's revelations make any of you re-think your attitude toward Fighting Yank and his role in all of this? I had considered him fairly tragic considering how a misjudgment on his part led him to betraying his closest friends (and leaving him alone in the world). But now he seems even more tragic to me.


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              I'll have to run out and get this sometime this week.


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                Maybe it's the long delays between issues, maybe I've just been in a bad mood lately, but between the last two issues of Black Terror (which, in my mind, told an utterly pointless story) and this issue of PSP, I'm really losing interest in this line. I have not been thrilled with Krueger's dialogue since the start but I overlooked that because the entire concept of using all these Public Domain heroes in one series was cool enough on its own for me to ignore his writing. Now, I'm flipping through issues and wishing DE would bring-in another writer to handle the dialogue because it's at a point where I'm finding it to be so weak, I'm not willing to spend $3 anymore.

                The reveal with DDD was cool, but the rest of the issue simply came across to me as being poorly laid-out action sequences that don't really seem like they're leading anywhere that I'm interested in reading about ... or at least, it doesn't seem to be leading to a climax that will make me want to read this series again, and I don't like having books in my collection that I don't want to read again. The "false teeth" spot was, to put it bluntly, stupid & pointless and a waste of a half-page, and becomes another reason for me to stop spending money on these books.


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                  I admit that the delays have sapped a lot of the momentum for me as well, though I'm still interested and happy when I see an issue is finally coming out.


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                    bchat2, I definitely think the lag time between issues is a problem. I have the same problem with The Green Hornet Strikes--the second issue made no sense to me because I had forgotten what had happened in the first issue. Reading them back to back made more sense. Issue 11 of PSP makes loads of sense if you re-read the other ten issues. It really is a payoff issue for following the series.

                    I disagree with your comments on the dialogue, but that may just be a matter of taste. I will take the dialogue of PSP over that of Kevin Smith's Green Hornet every time. The PSP dialogue of the heroes sounds like words that would be spoken by people trapped in an urn for 60 years. Smith's Hornet doesn't sound like anything a real human being would say under any conditions.

                    I sort of agree with you on the teeth scene--if it was just a silly gag. But I am not yet convinced that that was all that it was. If it does not tie in with whatever happens next issue, I will grant you the point that it was just stupid and pointless. My point is just that PSP has tied in so many strands that I thought were "side issues" into the main theme of the storyline that I am no longer confident that anything is irrelevant. And, to me, that is the mark of an excellently written series. PSP is so much better than anything I have read from Marvel or DC for several years now.


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                      I read this issue last night, and it was good but it's all sort of unsettling. What I mean is I've been trying to figure out what the big background picture is since the beginning. There are the glasses that let you see the Lovecraft evil entities in the background, there are Greek gods, there is the Claw, there is the ancient Middle-Eastern god/demon that Samson fought in the MTBG issue. How does it all add up? Whats the big picture...I don't understand, its a whole-lotta weird evil stuff with no continuity. Maybe its just me? I like to be able to understand stuff, let them all be gods, or let them all be demons, the hodgepodge confuses me.

                      Some of the artwork in this issue was pretty great. Some of the dialogue was pretty lame, I thought I was reading Jeph Loeb at one point. I'm kinda bummed that Captain Future was taken out, he was a neat character prior "I'm a big floating Zeus-head, blah". So now he is stuck in the core of the earth until the end of for more villains I suppose. What was great about the issue was the Captain Future origin is at the end. I hadn't made all the connections that the origin story spoke about.

                      Where are we in the PSP universe at this time? Each of our heroes has a Greek god in them? Or has reawakened their awareness that some of them have always been gods? Is the story just a gimmick to make heroes that cannot die? A jab at how super heroes die and always come back?

                      And WTHeck with DDD horns? Say it ain't so creative team! Next issue has Devil and Dare on the cover, will a real connection finally be revealed between the two? I'm not sure where I stand with PSP in the end, its a mass of confusion (for me at least) hopefully the next issue will tie up some loose ends and bring some sort of message home other than "the Claw is the next villain our 25 heroes have to fight in the next chapter". (BTW I still love the BT on-going, it has great writing.)

                      Lets fight like it's 1945! ... really guys?


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                        With respect to the glasses, I kind of thought those were faked to make Fighting Yank think that there were these demons all around, to convince him to betray his friends the old-fahioned way (he urned them).

                        But, yes, we have at least one Greek god in Zeus, one extradimensional god/demon in that thing Samson fought, and one space alien in Claw. They might not be connected--just hints of where future threats may come (other godlings, extradimensional beings, space aliens).

                        Really, there is no reason to think that all the evil in the PSP Universe is linked. They may dislike each other, resulting in uneasy alliances with the heroes. For example, where are the Dynamic Family on the good/evil scale right now?

                        As for where we are now, I think the sense was that many (if not most) of the Superpowers are descendants of Zeus from his frequent dalliances with Earth women. Technically, I guess that would make them demigods. There was sort of a suggestion that maybe the potential for these powers is now in every human (Zeus being a busy lover and with his chidren from eons ago passing on the genes to their descendants). However, not everybody has had those genes awakened--it requiring something like those multitudinous freak accidents that seemed to give people powers rather a lot in the 1930s and 1940s comics.

                        Those who were in the urn, being in close contact with Zeus, had more of their demigod natures awakened, so some came out with additional powers (e.g., Masquerade) and all of them had godlike immortality embued on them. They have become creatures of myth.

                        I, too, hope the 'Devil's new look is temporary, as I mentioned somewhere before.

                        I have a vague memory of somebody suggesting that Chapter 3 would be more space oriented. That might tie in with the Claw (being an alien). I think #12 will stop the Claw's current threat, but maybe it will escape back into space, raising the threat of it returning with more of its kind to....wait for it....ruuuuuuullllleeee the worrrrrrlllllldddd!

                        But, honestly, I think PSP has been more tightly written than you realize. Consider the ties between: Fake Kid Terror (Dynamic Boy) building a relationship with Kitten; the immortality theme unexpectedly bringing back the real Kid Terror; Kitten learning of the betrayal; Dynamic Woman re-thinking her position and freeing Scarab; Dynamic Man re-thinking his position with the Supremacy (echoing President West's position); Fake Kid Terror standing up to Zeus; Kitten grieving at his body, basically forgiving his betrayal and wondering if he was a hero after all; Dynamic Man overhearing and using that to strengthen his resolve to become a hero again and take Zeus down. That was a lot of threads, but bring them all together and it tells a solid story. As I said earlier, I am not sure where the Dynamic Family stands at this point. They have done bad things, but there is an underlying heroism to them.

                        It seems to me that the rest of PSP has been just as tightly written, but you need to step back and view it as a whole because there are so many threads being woven together.


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                          I liked a lot of what you had to you think this is sort of a parallel X-men story in a way? Mutant gene needs to be turned on. All the PSP heroes need something to "turn on" their powers. But I also realize there are a number of heroes and villains that don't fit in that mold. I just reread the issue and was thinking that all the heroes don't need to be "ripped", we need some 1940's body builder looking muscle in there.

                          Does anyone else agree with the "fake glasses" theory? Makes sense, but I couldn't tell you what those early PSP panels were about exactly.


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                            Originally posted by stmarychnj View Post
                            Mutant gene needs to be turned on.
                            This sounds a little like what a couple of friends and I used when we developed a Hero RPG about ten years ago. We developed three general catagories of heroes. Muntants, Mutates & Others. We explained that there were two components to having powers, the power and the activator. Mutants had both and Mutates had no activator or the wrong activator. The Mutates gained thier powers when they met up with the right activator. It could be something relatively harmless like hard water gas (GA Flash) or soemthing normally deadly like a radioactive spider bite (figure it out). It drew from a lot of different sources for the rules and creation. It worked pretty well.
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                              Another really good issue for me. I think this Chapter has gained a sense of momentum in the past few issues that was missing in the early issues - it is just a shame that that momentum is undermined by delays/late shipping etc.

                              I enjoyed the parallel battles, and I am really intrigued to see what turns out after the final issue of the Chapter.

                              This volume seems to have been very much about change:
                              - Captain Future changing into his true aspect
                              - changes around Kid Terror, Dynamic Boy and the shifting loyalties of those connected to them (the Dynamic Family; Kitten)
                              - the harmful and terrible changes wrought on some of the Urn-heroes such as Cat-man, Burning eagle etc, that make them quite removed from humanity
                              - the change among the Inheritors from being blindly loyal sidekicks (as so many 40's sidekicks were) to having a watching brief over the adult heroes
                              - the changes we have seen with Death Defying 'Devil
                              - and so on

                              I really wish that Dynamite would, or even could, build on the strengths of the PSU and deliver this stuff every month and build further on it. Issue 11 shows to me that there is so much breadth and depth of potential with eh PSU, that it seems a shame it is not been fully exploited.