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    Finally read the last issue yesterday, I thought it was pretty good. I read in the other thread that some people were a little confused by what happened to DDD. Apparently the devil/satan/sheitan/true evil was trapped in the urn, most likely prior to the heroes being trapped in the urn. When the living symbiot devil suit entered the urn the spiritual devil entered the suit as its new host, so now evil is truly incarnate in the world posing as DDD(like so many bad horror/sci movies have shown us before).

    However, I think thats a pretty great twist and explains some things, perhaps not the explanation anyone wants/was expecting but an explanation none the less. We all know that DDD hasn't been speaking since he reemerged from the urn, and we definitively know that the human DDD was never trapped in the urn to begin with, so we can throw all physical theories of why he doesn't speak out the window. Perhaps DDD doesn't speak at all because all satan is capable of speaking is a satanic language that would reveal he wasn't the human DDD they all thought he was. DDD finally speaks in his macabre language which is an incantation or command to open a portal to hell itself - notice that DDD cuts himself and bleeds silver ooze and traces a pentagram with it over the roof of the pentagon itself - pretty crazy huh?

    Not even the claw, who is probably also a demon like DDD knew DDD real identity, and because DDD/Satan is the master of all demons, he knew how and had the ability to banish the Claw back from whence he originated...hell.

    So now DDD is the perfect devil, he is a wolf in sheepskin, or has been the entire time. Now I ask, why did DDD get rid of another demon/the Claw? were they rivals? Was the Claw going to inadvertently reveal DDD's true identity in some way or did the Claw's actions force DDD's hand a little too soon? What are DDD's true intentions? He removed the Claw, he helped remove Zeus, is the Supremacy next, will he remove all lesser evils until he is the only evil left and then take over the world himself? Is the devil trying to do good and earn his way into heaven? Its probably not that complicated but all we can do is guess...which is what this book has been good at, keeping mysteries, keeping us guessing.

    Finally, in retrospect - did DDD know the French girl was part of the Claw? Did he need her to kill Truth, who is a rather Christian-esque character? Will Truth resurrect at some point?

    I wrote about this some time ago, and my objections were quelled somewhat by you guys, but not anymore - is the PSP Universe a place where Judeo-Christian & Pagan-Greek spiritual forces coexist? This is a crazy comic book universe, help me understand it!

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    Interesting thoughts there, stmarychnj.

    The presence of the Urn and Zeus, as well as Samson suggests that both the Judeo-Christian and classical Greek spiritual forces co-exist. If we take everything at face value.

    I wonder if the ultimate explanation will be that they are really all just facets of a greater whole?

    As for DDD, what if he isn't Satan as such? What if he is the Greek god of the underworld? (Hades). There are various parallel deities that are roughly analagous with with Hades, so maybe that could work with the above notion.

    Maybe he has been ascribed the name Satan (devil/satan/sheitan/true evil) wrongly as either misperception by our cast or a sleight of hand on the creator's part? I don't know, I am just thinking aloud and need to re-read the issue to firm up these ideas (or dismiss them!).


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      As for DDD, what if he isn't Satan as such? What if he is the Greek god of the underworld? (Hades). There are various parallel deities that are roughly analagous with Hades, so maybe that could work with the above notion.
      That is very true, and Samson's 1-shot vs. Dagon, another god could incline us to believe that, at this point I'm sticking with Satan for two reasons: 1) The Pentagram 2) He sprouted a third eye. The Judeo-Christian God has been represented by a single eye before as it represents being able to see and know everything - 3 eyes could be a mockery of that and the concept of the Trinity. However, I do not know if the Koran has ascribed physical or conceptual characteristics to Sheitan that might make more sense than my explanation. Thanks for your reply I really want to know what everyone thinks of the possible deeper meaning of whats going on - while its a superhero book its obvious that its a commentary of many other things, my favorite being what Black Terror has to say about all the building being made of glass now etc.