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  • Project Superpowers Chapter 1 and beyond

    I just bought the trade today and was leafing through it and was nicely pleased with the Fighting Yank Journals and the Golden-Age Character Reference concepts that Alex Ross designed. I thought that those GA Char Refs. would be good for getting a who's who type handbook going for Dynamite... Get a handbook out and let new readers know who is coming their way... Include all of Dynamite though, not just PSP...

    So far my tpb has included PSP Chapter 1 and Masquerade. Maybe in April I will start with Death Defyin' Devil tpb (has that even been released as a tpb yet) and then Chapter Two or maybe Black Terror.

    As for the future of PSP is concerned I would like to see a few more solo minis and some Golden-Age remastered for the various characters as Dynamite did for Green Hornet. I would especially like to see a Green Giant Comics #1 remastered as well as The Cat and Kitten and The Woman In Red; just to name a few.

    I wouldn't mind seeing PSP teaming up with AC Comics' Femforce as both companies have used Public Domain characters in their books. I know it won't happen with the way AC is but I can still dream.

    My only suggestion/request for future tpb editions is include the variant covers also... Make it a true tpb and include all the variants. That would be so awesome.

    Take care and have a nice week,


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    Welcome aboard -- nice to see a new fellow fan.

    You mentioned your "reading schedule" post-Chapter 1 and Masquerade. I'd recommend you read (in this order):

    1) Meet the Bad Guys
    2) Death Defying Devil (which has been collected)
    3) Black Terror v. 1
    4) Chapter 2, vol. 1.
    5) Black Terror v. 2
    6) Chapter 2 vol. 2.

    Others may order them differently, but this way made the most sense to me.

    And we've all been hoping to see more stories from the golden age -- either retellings or reprintings (though if you look around online you should be able to find some websites that post scans of old issues).