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  • PSP trading cards... You collecting ?

    I am knee deep in PSP trading cards right about now as a very nice set of sketch cards and hand painted promo cards arrived today. I have been buying a stupid amount of these cards on the CHEAP. Anyone else out there into these? I am having a hard time with some of the cards and promo cards but LOVING this new set !!

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    I think I will post picks of my sketch cards, they are awesome !


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      Does anyone out there have any of the Project Superpowers promo cards ? I am looking for any at this point. I am not even sure at which Cons they were given out at.... if I had seen anything at SDCC I would have jumped on it but totally missed out. Bummed about that because it had been years since I had attended SDCC and it would have made a memorable trip to have found out that PSP had a card set AND that there were exclusive SDCC items.

      I am also looking for card checklist as well as sketch card/painted line card artists and number of cards worked on.

      I just got in a sketch card from Gabe Farber and it is BEAUTIFUL, he only did 30 or 35 cards, I think... so, I contacted him to see if I could get a commissioned card. THIS card is not from that 'deal' I am working with him but he has four blank cards left over and offered to do a card for me. He is a bit pricey but then again, I have paid more for his asking price on a sketch card before/commission sketch card.


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        There were some pretty cool SDCC giveaways for this set. I know there were at least two - one was a lenticular card. And those card printing plates I told you about - but those were for sale. And the way I understand it was that they were in envelopes and you blind-bought them. These envelopes weren't specific to Project Superpowers cards, it could be anything in there. The wife picked up a few of them at SDCC last year.


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          I have the lensticular card which is a beaut and a SDCC foil "Masqurade" promo card. They cost me $.99 cents each. The Philly promos and others hover from $2-8 bucks. Not sure why that is but I am ot paying more than $1.50 for a promo card and lean more towards paying a dollar or less. I recently picked 95% off all the chase cards (chrome and holofoil, 9 card set and 18 card set) for $.49 cents each from a seller in Canada. I might have snaked a $.99 cent sketch card or two out of his actions as well but that was a steal at $.49!cent chase cards.

          I really liked the idea of hand painted line art promo cards as well. There are some very nice pieces and have cost me in the range of $.99 to $8.00. I did do a stupid buy of a Vampirella hand painted card for $16 freakkin bucks which I regret a bit because that could have been a sketch card and I am not much of a Vampirella fan.

          I notice that I have two Alex Ross autograph cards, one with the SDCC stamp on the back and the other without. I got a steal on one at $7.50 And I was sent a sketch cards for free which I thought unusual as the artist only drew 50 for the set as opposed to say, an artist who drew 520 sketch cards for the set. Another note, most of my sketch cards have a SDCC stamp on the back while only one of my sketch cards do not.

          My Gabe Farber (8/25), David Day (15/20), and Hack (1/1) are my top sketch cards so far. I have a total of 8 sketch cards and two autograph cards by Ross. There is another autograph card out there with Samson on it that I would like to get as well. Mu Masqurade Ross auto is done in a thick black pen and looks much better than most.

          I would love to get the PSP card binder with two exclusive promos but I need to wait and find a less expensive deal before throwing down cash on it. My SDCC savings is not as much as it used to be. I had saved a nice pot o money to blow at SDCC and ended up not spending most of it. It has been financing my recent PSP bing. I am in negotiations with a Valiant board member over trying to snag some kinda cheap PSP issues for my hard bound binding project but he is taking SO SLOW that I am losing patience. There should be a fair number of the PSP variant covers in the deal and that is the thing that is keeping me from bolting and geez, I have like NO variant covers so I would really like to score a few without paying eBay prices but damned if I have not seen an unordinary amount of PSP variant cover comics cheap on eBay lately. I find that I am missing some common issues and other odds and ends like the Wizard 1/2 and Xmas special and Meet the bad guys issues. My damn LCS totally screwed me on this. I am even missing a few Black Terror issues in the middle of the run.



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            Started picking up a few PSP cards and awaiting delivery; I will share tales as and when.


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              I've got the binder and the binder cards. The binder is not at all what I was expecting - it's blue leather and the cover art is embossed into the leather.


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                Real leather ?


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                  I got most of the chase cards (of the three set) in the mail today. 27 cards in one auction at $.49 cents a piece and combined shipping. Sure beats the $45 price tag I have seen attached to sets of these bad boys.

                  I think that I am missing five or less chase cards to be complete in this entire set with sketch cards showing up just about daily. Well I am missing ALL promo cards and an unknown number of hand painted cards variants.

                  Anyone out there with any dupes they would like to trade or sell ?

                  I don't even know of all the possible promo cards yet.


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                    Picked a basic set and a few chase cards - I want the binder now!


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                      Originally posted by leonmallett View Post
                      Picked a basic set and a few chase cards - I want the binder now!
                      I "think" that it's made out of leather. I need to double check.


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                        I'm pretty late to this party, but just picked up the basic 72-card set and the 18-card Fighting Yank's Journal set. I'll probably pass on the two 9-card foil chase sets unless I can find them at a buck a card or less. Anybody know how many promo cards there were for this set, and where I might get them cheap? Won't buy the binder, though.
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