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    So we're about halfway through the Genesis series. We know about books for Captain Victory, Silver Star and Dragonsbane.

    Are those good choices? Were there other characters you were hoping to see showcased in addition to there (or in their place)?

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    I'd like to see Captain Victory and Silver Star see some print as well as enjoy the Dragonsbane mini-series while it's out, but in mid 2012 or so I'd love to see a couple of more mini's and maybe a team book and a series based on Tiger 20. I've taken quite a liking to Tiger 20 since around the 2nd or 3rd issue of Genesis and I'd love to see him explored a little more, same with the colorful team with the glowing costumes (their name escapes me as does my coffee).

    The future looks bright for Genesis, sales have been pretty good and general web interest on the books seems high, hopefully Dynamite keeps up the good work for us fans!
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      Tiger 20 works well for me. I find it hard to pick too many out since focus time for so many characters is limited.


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        I'm hoping they bring back the Teenagents and give them their own series, loved what Kurt Busiek did with that series at Topps, had a great Kirby-esque approach to it, and it was fun like comics used to be...surely they have to make an appearance in Genesis at some point??


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          I am enjoying the first Kirby: Genesis miniseries immensely. Getting a nice vibe here, somewhere in between traditional Kirby cosmic saga and the sort of man-on-the-street-eye's-view thing Kurt Busiek did with both Marvels and Astro City.

          Not so much the spinoffs Silver Star and Captain Victory, however, based on the first issues of both. The Silver Star book wasn't badly written, but I was disappointed with the artwork. Captain Victory was weak on both the writing and art level.

          I have higher hopes for Dragonsbane, based on the interesting concept of the mythlands, and the fact that it's written by Bob Rodi, whose work on the mythological miniseries Loki (aka Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers), Thor: For Asgard and Astonishing Thor for Marvel was IMO the best interpretation of those characters in years.

          As for other spinoffs I'd like to see, number one would be the Secret City Saga characters (Captain Glory, Bombast, Night Glider). Whether they will pick up that title used by Topps Comics in the 1990s, or call it something else, is anyone's guess, though. It seems like Bigfoot would be primed for a series of his own as well.
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