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  • Dragonsbane #1

    So, who's read this book upon it's release? I've read through it three times now and I personally felt it was the 2nd best of the 3 solo books when comparing just the #1 issues, Silver Star #1 being the best. I loved the art and the story direction and I really enjoyed how it kind of felt unlike a traditional superhero story, I'm hoping that this is going to be more than a miniseries but I'm not banking on it going past 4 or 6 issues.

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    Best of the three solo spinoffs. It's inevitable, so I'll just come out and say it bluntly... It's like reading the adventures of an alternate-universe Thor. Not in an imitative way, but in the way that they both rely on Norse/Germanic mythology for inspiration and were both channeled through the vision of Jack Kirby. As I understand it, these characters are mainly based on Kirby's late-1960s "Gods" portfolio that was sold through ads in the back of Marvel Comics (a year or two before he left to create the Fourth World at DC), and represent one of the last acts of creativity that he tried at Silver Age Marvel. Originally, it was supposed to be a complete revamping of Marvel's THOR, a post-Ragnarok version, but Kirby couldn't sell Stan Lee and Martin Goodman on the idea. Later, after letting the basic idea percolate for a couple more years, Kirby morphed it into the New Gods series at DC.

    The concept of The Mythlands (which I'm pretty sure is not based on Kirby, but was an Alex Ross/Kurt Busiek/Bob Rodi addition) is fascinating to me. It's like the aftermath of some kind of "Twilight of Infinite Gods" or Gotteragnapocalypse (or Apocadammerok).

    Looking forward to seeing where this goes. Bob Rodi was pretty much the only writer whose work on THOR I've liked in the last few years, so I feel confident that this is in good hands.
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      Best of the Kirby Genesis Spinoffs

      Great art...I would like to see this cat on Silver Star...that would be awesome! Cool twist ending I sure didn't see coming...waiting for #2!


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        I did not care much for the art, especially in the first few pages - the faces looked roughly defined at times to my eye, and the composition was shown up by the stellar Ross flourishes.

        Nothing grabbed me too much with this I am afraid. I will give it another issue to see if I start to like it more.


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          This was really strong in my opinion, I enjoyed it more that Captain Victory, really like the Thor vibe of it