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  • Questions on Kirby Genesis...

    So I had decided not to bother with the Kirby Genesis stuff after the disappearance of the Project Superpowers line. I loved that line, got heavily invested in it, and it being pulled out before being finished just really burnt me (same with Sojourn years ago). I didn't want to get into another project like KG because I didn't trust PSP to finish it.

    Well, I saw Kirby Genesis #0 at Half Priced Books for a dollar so I thought I'd try it. Having read it I remembered that I actually read this issue and the first issue in the store, or maybe I bought them and sold them, I don't remember, but either way, I'm interested how it ended up. Was it good? Did it finish or is it close to finishing? If not, what is the most recent issue number? And all the spin offs... do you need to read them or is the main story stand alone? Should I read them?

    I don't really want any spoilers and that's why I'm not searching the other threads for answers. I just thought I'd ask here and try to keep from spoiling anything.


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    Kirby Genesis ended its run with issue #8 (it was always planned as a limited series). You don't need to read the spinoffs, they have nothing to do with the main plot. Trade paperback coming soon.
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      Kirby Bless Ebay

      So I saw a great deal on ebay and decided to give it a shot. I got Kirby Genesis 1-7, Silver Star 1-2, Captain Victory 1-2, and Dragonsbane 1 (if I got those names all right) all for $11 (after shipping). I was stoked to get it and will likely get the issues I'm missing when I get to the comic shop on Wednesday. I loved Project Superpowers and hated that it didn't finish. I was SO looking forward to volume 3 but it never came. I won't feel as burnt knowing ahead of time that this is now finished.

      Is it just rumored as finished or has it been officially stated that this line is done once Dragonsbane 4 comes out?