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Hey Nick Barrucci: What About Project Super Powers????

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    Originally posted by Ghornet2 View Post
    As I stated above somewhere, I'd like to see them go with a four books at first.

    A pair of solo books, Green Lama and Black Terror would be the obvious choice
    A team book limited to five or six heroes and an occasional guest star.
    A team up book, one of the heroes (maybe 2) from the above books and one or two others.

    Release them two in the first month then add the next two a month or two later. Six months down the road add a 'tryout' book, one or two of the heroes from the above books who seem to be popular to see how they might do on their own.

    I'd love to see it set in the 40's maybe just before the war. If set in modern times I'd like to see a mix of 'second generation' heroes and oldtimers.

    Part of the problem with PSP was the number of heroes fighting for face time. They kind of tried to do the massive Infinity crossover before we go to know the heroes. I really think they need to take the time to slowly establish the characters and the universe before doing a major crossover. Otherwise it gets to confusing.

    They really don't need to do a major reboot if they keep with the modern, just limit the team book to a few heroes and use other books to tell the story of the other characters. As an example, the team up or tryout book would have been a good place to tell the story of Flame's search for Flame Girl. Bringing in other characters to help him look. Or the quest to find out what happened to American Crusader.
    I agree with just about all of the above with one caveat. I think they need to launch just ONE ongoing title and build it into a sales success first, before launching any additional spinoffs or tie-ins, or books set in the same universe, or whatever you want to call them. The idea of a Showcase-style 'tryout' book is a good one, since Dynamite doesn't really seem to like numbered (as in "1 of 4") miniseries, and it gives the tryout book a continuity of numbering to hold on to readers. That way the story itself could dictate the number of issues it would take up in a tryout title. If sales warranted, they could spin off that character into his own book. The tryout book could also serve a secondary function as a Brave and Bold or Marvel Team-Up style book that would pair a more popular character with a less popular one.

    To sum up:
    1) First, an ongoing Project Superpowers title (with less characters per issue than previous PSP series).
    2) Second, a tryout book to spin off characters into ongoing series, beginning with the already popular ones like Black Terror and Green Lama.
    3) Third, keep the tryout book going, and try to add ongoing titles to the "PSP universe".
    4) The above plan might take years to build up a sizable number of titles.
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      Black Terror is too Badass to be contained in a group title. He needs his own ongoing.

      Oh and Heeeell Yes! Looking forward to the Owl book.


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        Originally posted by IrishX View Post
        Black Terror is too Badass to be contained in a group title. He needs his own ongoing.

        Oh and Heeeell Yes! Looking forward to the Owl book.
        I agree 100000%! The Black Terror worked well in a group book but works even better in a solo title where he could be the majority focus, his character was just too awesome to be sharing the spotlight all the time.


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          The Return of The Owl....

          OK, I'm "on board" for The Owl....
          but if the covers are great....and the interior art isn't any good.....or the story is bad....

          BLACK TERROR....I would like to see in a "Team book" with "Doc" Strong, The American Eagle, and Pyroman.!! (Remember those Golden Age covers.??)

          Yes, Black Terror is awesome.... but he would be even more so if he starred in this group of old friends. They could co-star.... let the focus be on Black Terror ....and let him spin out of this "Group Book" to a book of his own.
          That would help establish the "Team book".... help ground Black Terror... and THEN, give him his own title.

          (Maybe Miss Masque could be in the group, too.) Five is not too many.
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            Wait. The Owl is a Project Superpowers book? OMG!!!


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              Yep... and I can't wait!