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Project Superpowers favorite moments?

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  • Project Superpowers favorite moments?

    So, what were some of your favorite moments in Project Superpowers? Also, who was your absolute favorite character in the entire line of books, and why?
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    I really loved the Black Terror. Back when he was appearing in Project Superpowers alongside his own monthly series I was absolutely in love with the character and I just couldn't get enough of him. He was my absolute favorite character in any comic book and I couldn't wait to see him in action in the books, I was sad when I had to go years without seeing him. With that said, the Black Terror that appears in Masks is cool, but he's not nearly as awesome as the version in Project Superpowers. Maybe it's the updates outfit, or the way he was written in PSP, but he was simply badass and his Masks version (while cool) isn't as good.

    As for moments that I loved the most from Project Superpowers? Well.....the WHOLE THING!


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      Favorite moment? You really have to ask? It is my freakin' sig line!!! First page, Chapter 1 and I already knew this was something great. The implication that he was "old" not because of his age but because of all his regrets. Brilliant.

      For characters, my favorite in PSP was Green Lama. I like peaceful heroes. For the same reason, I originally did not like the Black Terror--because he started out PSP repeating how he was going to kill Fighting Yank and acting out of anger. However, later in Chapter 1 he apologizes to the (now dead) Yank, saying something to the effect that he no longer wanted to kill him--if he were alive. And then the Terror mentions that he must have looked an idiot going around threatening to kill Yank. It was quite a shock to me that he recognized that. I began to like Black Terror then and then absolutely loved him in his solo series.


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        American Spirit for his look and Black Terror for everything that he is. Terror was simple awesome and awe inspiring when drawn by Ross for the covers. I really liked DDD and Cat-Man for their looks and their cool factor.


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          My favorite is probably still in the opening issue that began it all, when the American Spirit first appeared to the Fighting Yank. It was skimming and seeing that scene that made me try the series. I still love the imagery to this day.