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The Owl #1 preview!

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  • The Owl #1 preview!

    Preview time!
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    Damn......this looks freakin' legit! I can't wait to read this book and to finally have Project Superpowers back on store shelves once again! Man, that art looks absolutely stellar!


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      Wow, those pencils are amazing and the colors are so vibrant! This books appears to be a winner and a great mini to lead into Project Superpowers, thank you Dynamite!


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        wasn't the owl originally at gold key?


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          Originally posted by magnus robot fighter View Post
          wasn't the owl originally at gold key?
          He was at dell. Here's a micro that someone did of him in his 40's costume. The cape was red sometimes instead of purple. There was also an Owl Girl as well. He's got quite a few of the Project Superpowers characters in their original looks if anyone is interested.
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