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So what has happened to the Ghost mini series?

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  • So what has happened to the Ghost mini series?

    This was supposed to be written by Jai Nitz and Phil Hester, and there was talk of this in 2009:

    The Ghost was mentioned as part of ongoing plans here:

    And some series were decsribed as written back in 2011:

    So is Ghost ever going to surface? (and what about those other unnamed series).

    It would be great if Nick could answer these questions.

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    Hi Leonmallet,

    We're figuring out when the best time to launch is. Just like The Owl, it's figuring out when to launch and next steps.

    Just like we came out with The Owl, this will hit as we're building up.




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      Thanks Nick; so the Ghost is still firmly planned to appear at some point?


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        Oh, so it sounds like the Ghost is still in the plans! I was looking forward to this more than any of the other PSP comics because I thought he was the most interesting character in the whole line. I was very frustrated when it just vanished, but now that Owl is coming out I feel like maybe we just might see Ghost yet.

        I hope so, Nick. Make it happen!


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          With the Owl launch, I am hoping we may see the Ghost before too long...


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            Same. I wish they would have released this instead of Owl. Give Owl some face time elsewhere and THEN release Owl after we build up some care for the character. He's just not been shown enough to make me care about his mini. But Ghost... Ghost rocked. He was built up in the Death-Defying Devil mini, PSP Chapter 2, and the X-Mas special. They've invested in him and I now I'm interested in his story. Owl didn't have that. Plus, Ghost is a more interesting and unique character than Owl. Maybe if it were released during the Court of Owls story it'd have leached some DC readers, but it missed that boat.


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              I really was hoping there would have been some mention of the Ghost or other Project Superpowers before the end of the Owl series (it would have made sense to do so i think; notify your current readers of something else they may be interested in).


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                Still nothing?

                I hope the Owl was not the PSU's last gasp. :|


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                  I would imagine something would be announced at one of the next cons.
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                    Originally posted by comixfan1980 View Post
                    I would imagine something would be announced at one of the next cons.
                    When are the next round of cons (I don't tend to track those things)?


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                      Originally posted by leonmallett View Post
                      When are the next round of cons (I don't tend to track those things)?
                      Wikipedia has a list of the "noteworthy" ones (worldwide) here.

                      Various other sites maintain calenders of upcoming cons, like the one here.

                      However, in practice, only about 6 to 8 of these conventions are large enough to merit major announcements from the biggest publishers. If you've never heard these conventions mentioned on any of the major comic book news sites, chances are they aren't the ones where publishers announce new projects.

                      Bleeding Cool tends to stay on top of these things, so that's a good source to check, along with the other major news sites like Newsarama, Comic Book Resources, and ICV2. There may be a dozen more, but usually when some major news breaks, they all get the story within a day or so.