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The Owl #1 hits next Wednesday!

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  • The Owl #1 hits next Wednesday!

    Okay, so The Owl #1 hits shelves this upcoming Wednesday and I've got to express just how happy I am to see the Project Superpowers franchise relaunched after being dormant for far too long. I sincerely hope that everyone gives this title a shot and that it leads to a 3rd volume of the core Project Superpowers story, these golden age characters deserve to shine and this is going to be their best bet as a part of this established line, but only if DE sticks with it this time around.


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    Yeah, I'm definitely excited for this. I asked my shop if they were getting it in and he said they were definitely getting it. I'm one of the first in the shop so I know I'll get my copy. I can't wait to get back into this world.


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      Every cover I've seen excludes the Project Superpowers logo that all the other Project Superpowers related series sported, I'm wondering if Dynamite intends this to be a part of the #PulpX line of comics instead? Thoughts?


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        I think that Project:Superpowers has been 'gone' long enough that they just decided it might be confusing to use the logo.
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          Fear not, The Owl is Project Superpowers and not PulpX.
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            Just finished it. Good read! It sets a few thong up and gives us some background with out hitting you over the head.

            Now if we can just get the Ghost, the Flame, The Face and the return of Black Terror
            Always remember, Murphy was an optimist
            Munchkin 1, 2, 4, 7 Super Munchkin 1&2, Munchkin Bites 1&2, Munchkin Fu, Star Munchkin Deluxe and Star 2


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              This was better than I expected but it wasn't as good as the pulp books. The fighting was cool and the art was good, i will get issue 2


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                enjoyed this very much. hope we see more Project Superpowers titles soon.


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                  Exciting Start to The Adventures of The Owl!!

                  I really liked The Owl #1....

                  GREAT see The OWl as he the 1940's.

                  Good action sequence to get the present day story....started.

                  Then, what many of us had hoped for.... the tie-in to PROJECT SUPERPOWERS. Hoo-ray!!
                  There they were.... our heroes...The Black Terror, Target, The Flame, Mr. Face, ....ah...Daredevil.... Miss Masque, Green Lama...all tied together with THE OWL. (So, at least we know we're in the right Universe.)

                  A nice comparison page...and some great action stuff.

                  I enjoyed most of the book.

                  Here's where I come up a little short on the book and can't call it "great".

                  The "soft-art" on page 5 of the police officer started me worrying again about the "Dynamite art" that curses (my words) the DE books that I give up on. I was sorry to see it in some of the panels. (Deduct points.)

                  [Same thing happened on MASKS ... most pronouced...on The Shadow (See: #2, page 6 and #3,page 3 ... and The Black Terror in issue #3.) I dropped MASKS after issue#3 because of the "soft-bad-art".] THE BLACK TERROR looked awful.

                  Then, the story stretched crudulity, for me, to bring a new "OWL-GirL" into the first issue. Way-too-much of a chance of THAT happening. In issue #3 or #4....OK.... but not in issue #1. (Deduct points.)

                  Am I going to get issue #2..?.... sure. But just a little disappointed in the things I was unhappy with.

                  It could have been... and almost was.... a great REUNION.!!!
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                    I just hope the new Owl Girl won't turn into something trite, like being his granddaughter.

                    Still, it was nice to get back into the PSP Universe. I am already upset that The Owl is only scheduled as a 4-issue limited series. Still, the first 4 issues of The Black Terror was also a limited series and then went on to be an ongoing book--and hopefully will be again some day.


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                      I don't know if I can really see Owl as an ongoing title. Not because it isn't good or the character isn't interesting, but because I feel like he's too similar to other title already being published. Batman and Talon come to mind. The thing with Black Terror is that 1) he wasn't really like any other title out there, and 2) he was a main character in the PSP universe, whereas Owl has been a 3rd stringer. I think someone who's been a bigger presence and is a bit more unique could hold an ongoing though. Ghost comes to mind (though I guess there could be some rights issues with other titles by that name, like the Dark Horse mini that recently wrapped up). Then again, they got over that with Death-Defying Devil, didn't they?

                      Something that I think was a HUGE improvement from previous PSP characters is that this issue got into the Owl's secret identity from the get go. All these issues later and I feel like many of the PSP characters are their heroic character and nothing else. I like my heroes both in and out of the mask, and the Owl has that going for it.


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                        Owl 1 was awesome. Nice to have PSP back


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                          I personally enjoyed The Owl #1.

                          For me, the interior art was absolutely solid and the story was equally as fun, my only complaint is that it's going to be a 4 issue mini. It's nice to have Project Superpowers back in some capacity, I'm just hoping to see the line survive and to see that people haven't given up on it despite Dynamite's treatment of it in recent years.



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                            I've re-read this as of this morning and can't help but to feel for how The Owl is missing Belle, the ending of the issue made me think maybe this Owl Girl is NOT Belle and maybe some new age Owl Girl who's taken up the mantle or something. I don't know, all I know is that I enjoyed the issue and felt that there was a solid balance between the action and the story and that it was wonderfully illustrated, it's so nice to have Project Superpowers back.

                            I love how they mentioned the urn and the heroes being trapped by Yank, that was a nice touch and let people know that this is 100% a Project Superpowers title and not a side project for this character that doesn't connect.


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                              I can't remember if they showed the original Golden Age Owl Girl entering (or exiting) the Urn in Project Superpowers, but I want to say they didn't. So I guess this new Owl Girl could be the original that was trapped in the Urn, and is only now being discovered (since many of the heroes were transformed in some way by their time in the Urn, this could be the case for Owl Girl), OR it could be the granddaughter of the original Owl Girl, who wasn't trapped in the Urn, and aged normally. The granddaughter could be a legacy character carrying on the family tradition (but in a more unrelenting fashion). If it IS the original Owl Girl, I hope they drop that nonsense about the Urn-returned heroes being some kind of avatars of the ancient gods.

                              Anyway, while I wasn't totally blown away by this, it was enjoyable enough for me to say I'm in for the whole run (but I thought it was 5 issues?) If I'm being totally honest I'd probably have preferred a Green Lama series or another 'Devil series. There's so many characters to pick from in the PSP universe. Even a Silver Streak, Flame, or Samson series would have been cool. Actually, I'm hoping we get a regular string of PSP miniseries every few months to test the waters to see what characters sell. But I definitely get the feeling we won't be seeing any superhero crowd scenes in any of these miniseries. I think they're planning to keep focus on a single character (and his supporting cast).

                              So what if The Owl is sort of like Talon (which actually doesn't sell that well)? Black Bat is kind of a cross between Batman and Daredevil, and Miss Fury is a thief who dresses in skintight black leather like Catwoman. For that matter, The Spider is kind of like The Shadow (and was even before Dynamite got hold of them both). I don't really care about that. If Green Arrow and Hawkeye, and Hawkman and The Falcon can coexist for 40 or 50 years, then why not these other characters? The execution is more important than similarities in concept.
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