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    Originally posted by leonmallett View Post
    That DE has not been successful with a property launched amid 113K opening issue sales is not proof that had it segregated its characters by publisher stable that it would have been successful.

    Nope. Didn't mean or think that.

    Just because 'A' struggled or even failed, does not mean 'B' would have been an automatic success.

    Didn't think that to be so, either.

    No, I would argue that the problems were more in DE's delivery; ever-lengthening times between issues simply does not encourage readers to stay. Taking story and series structure problems out of the mix (not denying them, just saying they are not the only problem), the biggest problem was, I think, the fact that the readership could never be sure when the next issue would arrive.

    But flooding even more characters into prominence along the lines of publishing houses, well that overlooks that the lightning in a bottle magic that allows a character to breakout won't work in a rigid approach like that. DE struggled to publish more than 2-3 concurrent PSP books, why would they look at more concurrently. And if following a rigid publishing-house based model (well why bother since very few readers will care of the historical legacy I would wager), you end up cycling through sets of characters and leaving them.

    Didn't think of "flooding" even more characters into prominence....and I'm not sure about "concurrently"....

    To assume readers will be put off because they are not in the correct groupings of characters seems a mighty big assumption. I really fail to see any valid back-up to say that such an approach can or automatically would work, sorry to say.

    I'm not assuming that they will be put off. I just stated that it was meaningful to me.

    It appears you are equating lack of success with the fact the characters did not appear as you wanted, when in fact many other factors were likely in play.
    Yeap, there certainly were many other factors in play.... and I wasn't equating PSP's lack of success with the fact the characters did not appear as I wanted. In many cases they DID appear like I wanted.
    I think you missed my points.

    But what is your suggestion to make PSP successful.???


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      Originally posted by pulphero View Post
      I don't say your scheme is completely unworkable, but it seems overly ambitious, and the appeal of the 'brands' is only going to impact the awareness of a relatively small percentage of the readership (even smaller if you're considering the 'potential' readership).

      I think DE is probably going to stick with the plan they seem to be using with THE OWL. Slowly roll out a number of different trial-run miniseries, each focusing on one to three characters at most, and then gauge by sales what direction the overall 'universe' should go in.

      It's possible DE still has some master plan involving a 'Chapter 3' (whether or not they'll actually market it as that) under the PSP logo, but are waiting to snare a high-profile writer to help sell a relaunch.
      That would be great.

      Yes, that seems to be their plan: to roll out the heroes slowly... for trial run THE OWL.

      p.s. It would be nice if they bring back .....Magno and Davey. O.k. O.K. I'm kinda kidding. (Not really.) And all of the Ace characters. Lash Lightning, Lightning Girl, The Raven, Soldier Unknown, and the others. Hey, I'm a dreamer.
      And a comic book fan who likes "groups" of heroes from the past.

      I would love to see these Golden Age Heroes "back in action", again.

      Not just the Ace heroes.... but everyone from PSP.

      DE had a great idea. And had poor execution.!!

      What are your ideas to make the return of the Golden Age Heroes work??
      Come on, help DE out, here.

      You can't believe MY idea is the BEST IDEA !!!??

      Soooooo, where are you guys with the better idea.?? I can take it. Believe me, I can take it. I just throw out ideas that would make ME buy the comics. The inter-play between Silver Streak and Daredevil would be a GREAT thing to me. And thrown in The Ghost ....against THE CLAW would be GREATER.

      Just like I'd like to have CRIMEBUSTER and IRON JAW thrown into the mix.

      That's the kind of stuff I dream of. Of course, a great writer and an artist that could protray these heroes as they should be--- would be key.

      Maybe you're happy with what DE is doing.!? Rolling out the heroes one at a see if they can be successful.

      I'm still sticking by my purposed groups. Although I'm certainly not against releasing the heroes one at a time.

      What would you rather see: Daredevil in a six issue series... or
      Daredevil, The Ghost, and Silverstreak in an adventure against THE CLAW??

      Then, spin one or more of the heroes out on his own.???

      What is your suggestion to get these guys back on the stands.
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